Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Unbelievable! - Madchester Hits Disc 1

I am not always fond of compilation discs that try to encapsulate era's for us - I am usually to be found creating my own. This one comes pretty close to capturing what we all loved from that bygone period. Although there are a few inclusions that puzzle me - it must be recalled that I was in Southern California for this whole period of time and didn't hear all the music at the time it came out. But some artists like Adamsci and The Shamen I have never heard of before this (or since) and I puzzle at the sight of 'How Soon Is Now?' (although a sentimental favorite) which precludes most of these tracks by at least 5 years. I have in here somewhere, amongst my mess, a Madchester collection chosen by Bez from the Happy Mondays that is even better. Until then put this one on and play it loud - no 'E' required to have fun. There are greats from the Mondays, Stereo MC's, James and the Inspiral Carpets here though.

Disc: 1
1. Unbelievable - EMF
2. Step On - Happy Mondays
3. Connected - Stereo MC's
4. All Together now - The Farm
5. Move any Mountain - Shamen
6. Killer - Adamsci
7. Sit Down - James
8. Dragging me Down - Inspiral Carpets
9. Wierdo - The Charlatans
10. Shine On - The House of Love
11. Can u dig it? - The Mock Turtles
12. There's no other way - Blur
13. Def con one - Pop Will Eat Itself
14. The only living boy in New Cross - Carter USM
15. The size of a cow - The Wonderstuff
16. Real Real Real - Jesus Jones
17. How soon is now? - The Smiths
18. I am the Resurection - The Stone Roses

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