Friday, October 13, 2006

The Cure - Peel Sessions (1988)

Another of my many favorite Peel Sessions discs right here. At the height of their particular powers as well. Although short at only 4 songs and leaves you wanting more - but that IS the point, isn't it? What I most appreciate about the Peel Sessions discs is their ability to serve as a seperate entity from whatever album or tour or whatever else was going on with a certain artist or band. Here we have these songs as they were first performed and they sound fresh and vital even with the passage of (yikes!) 18 years and aren't full of the world-weariness that they play these songs with now. Just give a listen and you, too may also learn to prefer these great versions over the album tracks. Just maybe.

1. Killing An Arab
2. 10.15 Saturday Night
3. Fire In Cairo
4. Boy's Don't Cry

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DaddyRich said...

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thanks. I absolutely agree.

Pipkin said...

Daddyrich, I've been raiding the blogs for a while and while there is obviously an endless amount of incredible music, I must say that for whatever reason your site has a particular blend of music that most strikes a chord with me----we were probably born around the same time; I also got into hip hop in the early to mid 80s in a big way, although on the east coast... but then i too proceeded to get into bauhaus, smiths, cure, f242, et al, while not swearing off the hip hop at all... and the same for many more of your choices, down to the most idiosyncratic. Anyway, if you are interested, i have been working on a downloadble mp3 project, viewable on (which is an amazing resource if you don't know it)... check for new jack swing, industrial, and more. ---seth