Thursday, October 05, 2006

Deftones - The Ultimate Demo Collection (Import)

My first Deftones post and it's a damn good one that is normally pretty hard to find. If I haven't already made clear my fascination with demo's, rarities and alternate takes then you haven't read a damn thing I have posted over the last month. Full of great songs in their infancy. The Deftones career, in my mind, was immortalized with the recording of '7 Words' - I absolutely love that song. Hope you enjoy and spread the music.

1. God's Hand
2. (Like) Linus (demo A)
3. Some People (demo A)
4. Venision (demo A)
5. Christmas
6. Plastic
7. Answers
8. Hump
9. Gift
10. Engine No. 9
11. Nosebleed 
12. Milk
13. Hop Burg Hop 
14. Sweetest Perfection
15. The Night Boat
16. (Like) Linus (demo B)
17. Freaks a.k.a. Some People (demo B)
18. Root 
19. Seven Words
20. Engine No. 9 (demo B)
21. Teething (demo/rough mix)

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