Thursday, October 12, 2006

Rolling Stones - Beat Beat Beat at The Beeb (BBC Archives 1963-1965)

My favorite Rolling Stones era, the old days. I am a fan of the early incarnation with Brian Jones although I really can't explain why. I have read a few Stones books about the band and have come to view Jones as a really sad character in the history of rock music. Of course he was a junkie (of what degree, we don't know for sure) but they all were then . basically. He just seemed to be pushed out of the band by Jagger & Richards until he fell into a spiraling despair that eventually ended with his way too early death. Regardless, these songs are mainly old American blues numbers mixed with Stones songs that'll please any ear. I won't go off on a tangent about what I think of them now but they DID make some of the best music ever recorded.

I am in a bit of a rush today (got to go get Beastie Boys tickets in a little while) so I can't type the 55-song tracklist but, trust me, it'll be worth hearing and it's available somewhere online for you to add. At least the songs are tagged.

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DaddyRich said...

Disc 1-

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Anonymous said...

good stuff thanx,the good old days in all its glory...regards from greece!!!

gspeedlace said...

what a score! thanks for this.

knoxus said...

top stuff - i like your site, eclectic quality :)