Sunday, October 15, 2006

Eric B. & Rakim - Unreleased Classics (5 Track Cassette Rip)

Now this is an example of how much love DaddyRich has for you all. Until last year I never even knew this tape existed and I was/am a big fan of Eric B. & Rakim. But, most importantly, I DON'T live in New York - so when stuff is leaked out of studios years after being recorded and sold on cheap cassette tapes in Central Park and traded from friend-to-friend I am on the West-Coast-Ass- End of the grapevine (tapevine?). My friends and I eagerly devoured the first 2 albums from this classic duo and somewhere out in the ether is our original 12" of 'Check Out My Melody' uncensored that I would love to have in my hands once again. I miss vinyl and shopping for new records every week but it has become a wealthy man's hobby. Buying a cd doesn't give me the same tactile thrill. There is something about the sheer size of the record sleeve and the pictures and the artistic ability that went on to producing a great cover and backside. Compact Disc doesn't allow for much of that kind of reflection and study (anyone ever try to actually READ anything on the inside of the 'Paul's Boutique' disc when it came out? It was like trying to read something while shroomin') but, I digress. I am almost tempted to buy old Laser Discs of movies that I love becasue the presentation and execution of the real good ones makes DVD packages look like a steamy pile of crap. Ah well, old men tend to ramble about gool old days gone by. Back to the topic - because of the lack of documentation we kind of have to take these as they come. Unreleased and never-heard-before Eric B. & Rakim should make anyones day. The quality is about what one would expect from such a rip but, at the end of the day, I'd have taken them any way I could have gotten them. Peace.

1. Everything's Cool
2. Hypnotic
3. You Don't Fool Me
4. Don't Sweat The Technique
5. Complicatem (Pass The Hand Grenade Pt. 2)

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Great post, thank you.

Spleenfish said...

You sound like you might know about a track called "Almost Home" that Eric B. and Rakim may have recorded? I found the same lyrics attributed to a country singer Craig Morgan in 2003. Did he rip the song?