Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Psychedelic Furs - Peel Sessions 1979-1981

On an earlier (since killed by some dumbass) post I showed my respect and love for this group. Also I have had occasion to express my dedication to the cult of John Peel. As an American I had never even heard of Mr. Peel until I was old enough to begin hanging around the import record storeswith my hard-earned miney. After browsing around for the gems that are so hard to find a pattern began to emerge. It seemed every act I had any respect for had at one time or another recorded a session (or more) for this great man. It seemed like a rite of paage for any self-respecting U.K. band. And all we had in So. Cal. was "Rodney On The Roq' (KROQ) which was fine in itself but concentrates mostly in loser Orange County punk bands. THis man recorded Led Zeppelin, The Smiths, The Cure, The Furs and so many more. Do yourself and your musical education (mine is always ongoing, too) and pick up one of your favorite bands Peel Session cd on the Strange Fruit label and read the tiny print on the cover (it probably helps if you're stoned - it worked for me...) and see the list of luminaries who also respected this great man. Back to the Furs - they are awesome and I pray one day to see them live. Oh, and pick up 'All Of This And Nothing' whenever you can - pure genius compiled on one disc.

1 Imitation of Christ
2 Fall
3 Sister Europe
4 We Love You
5 Soap Commercial
6 Susan's Strange
7 Mack the Knife
8 Into You Like a Train
9 On and Again
10 All of This and Nothing
11 She Is Mine
12 Dumb Waiters
13 Entertain Me
14 Book of Days
15 Torch
16 Pretty in Pink

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DaddyRich said...

Rob Tyner said...

A fantastic band, especially this early period. We were lucky enough that the band toured our area (Central Illinois) quite a bit during the third and fourth albums, so I was able to see them a couple of times. Didn't even know there was a Peel Session for the Furs...very glad to have it!!!

dvkingman said...

I think there may be some problem with these files. I downloaded twice, and everything unzipped fine, but the files aren't recognized as mp3. Is the problem on my end?

Hope it can work out, but either way thank you for the posts.

Anonymous said...

I had no problem with the files, they're typical mp3 format.

Thanks for this gem, always been a huge fan of this band, and lucky to see them performing several times at the height of their fame between 1982-84. I'm really blown away with this sessions, of which existance I was totally unaware.

Grymwynd said...

Can't get the files to play in Media Player but they work fine with Quicktime & Realplayer. Also burn to disc ok with Nero. Hope that helps.

Thank you so much for this gem. Wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Their early records are great, it's nice to listen to that good ol' Peel sessions.

Anonymous said...

Grreat band, great performance from a great session show. Perfect mix indeed.
Hope more Psychedelic Furs posts