Thursday, October 12, 2006

Minor Threat - The First Demo Tape (1981)

I just got this wonderful disc and it is great for reminiscing about the old days. I wasn't a punk or a straight-edge kid back then but I had friends who would play this while they skated and I was perfecting my human beat-box skills. At least they got better at skating, but I digress. I only wish it had the demo for 'In My Eyes' - "you say I make no difference?/ At least I"M FUCKING TRYING!/ WHAT THE FUCK HAVE YOU DONE?" Well spoken, Mr. MacKaye, well spoken indeed.
As ever, cduniverse has a great short description-

It was early 1981 when Washington D.C.'s Minor Threat made their first trip to the studio. The band recorded all of the songs that they had written in the short time they had been together (three or four months), but were apparently unsatisfied with their performance & never bothered to do a final mix of the tape. Instead they went back into the studio a month later & recorded what would become their debut, the 8-song eponymous 7 inch EP. The unmixed tape of the first demo was discovered when Dischord started work on the 'Twenty Years of Dischord' box-set. Ian MacKaye & Don Zientara (of Inner Ear Studios) mixed the tape in December of 2001, but the release was shelved by the label while work was being done on the box-set. These recordings have only been available previously as low quality rough mixes on bootlegs. Tracks include, 'Minor Threat', 'Stand Up', 'Seeing Red', 'Bottled Violence', 'Small Man, Big Mouth',

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Hey Rich...excellent post here. I wasn't a skater either, but I hung out with some. I used to video tape my buddies skating (I valued my life and limb I guess!). Anyway, I was intro'd to the likes of Minor Threat, Fugazi, DK, etc back in the late 80's and this brings the memories rushing back!

Great to see that Minor Threat are still remembered by so many after all these years!

Thanks man!