Friday, October 27, 2006

Depeche Mode - Music For The Masses Remixes (Limited Edition)

Earlier I had posted about how much I still can groove to Depeche Mode even though it's quite uncool to admit that nowadays. A good thing about growing older is not bothering to care what others may think. My friend Dave made a point of buying up every 12" single from these guys and it is obvious that they were the kings of the 12" remix single and EP. Uncontested champion of the 12 minute remix version and extended dance remix, without a doubt. At a time when hip-hop ruled vinyl and remixing, Depeche Mode were way ahead of the alternative music curve and that is just one more area where they were pioneers and visionaries. These are all great versions and come highly recommended for you and your speakers.

1. Never Let Me Down Again (FM Power Mix)
2. Strangelove (Razormaid Classic Mix)
3. Little 15 (Bogus Brothers)
4. Behind The Wheel (Disconet Mix)
5. Nothing (Dallas Mix)
6. To Have And To Hold (Icelandoc Taster Mix)
7. Strangelove (Miller Remix)
8. Route 66 (Rodgers Mix)
9. Behind The Wheel (Dub)
10. Pleasure, Little Treasure (Razormaid)
11. Behind The Wheel - Roze 66 (Megamix)
12. Death's Door (Skeleton Key Mix)

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Thanks Rich. DM stuff is always welcome. :) Have a good weekend man!

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thanks a lot, this is great album for depeche mode.

Bill V said...

When are you posting disc 2? I need more!!!