Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Bob Marley & The Wailers - Crying For Freedom (3 Record Box Set Holland Import)

By now I am sure that any audiophile worth their wait in vinyl has the 'Songs Of Freedom' Box set - which is to my mind one of the better uses of musical technology that I can think of. This man's music MUST be preserved and allowed to be played for all future generations. Also, needless to say to anyone who is a Marley/Wailers junkie is also hip to the fact that there just aren't too many more rarities to be found - I have about 100 that cover most of the bases but was pleased to find this one a couple of years back. This set differs greatly from the 'Songs Of Freedom' box and is a worthy companion to the aforementioned classic set. It contains many classics from their catalog over it's expansive 3 album lifespan but also includes seldom-heard beauties like 'Can't You See?' and 'Stand Alone' among the more obvous choices. Fans of vinyl will also hear the wonderful sonic clarity that records gives us and the tell-tale pops, ticks and hiss that take us way back to the days before compact discs and mp3. Please enjoy and give to a Marley fan who thinks they already have everything.

links in comments and tracklist is on the bottom picture. Herb not necessary but not forbidden, either.


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Anonymous said...

I do not give a thanks on every one I DL, but I wanted to say a general huge thanks to you for sharing your music with us!

Very kind of you... snø :)

Anonymous said...

thank you, dr. zaeus