Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Cure - What Happened Behind The Door?

You know, it seems that every month I smack myself upside my head and exclaim, "how could I have not posted more (or any) of THIS band (insert name of any 1000 bands)". So, here I am again wondering how a band I love as much as The Cure has not made it's prescence felt more strongly on the Ape. And there is no good excuse, ladies and gentlemen. I shall begin to rectify that starting today. I have about 100 bootleg/rarities and thanks to the mighty SFRP , they keep coming. It seems kind of redundant to post so many individual boots , what with 'JoinThe Dots' being available and all, but I digress. I may even eventually post that. Wonderful disc set that is, just great. This wonderful collection is composed of early alternate takes for most of the disc and ends on a few cuts available on the classic acoustic disc. I may just have to put in that acoustic disc now for a listen, it's been too long. Hope you all enjoy.

1 One Hundred Years
2 Forever
3 Ariel
4 Figurehead
5 Cold Colours
6 Siamese Twins
7 Inbetween Days
8 Close To Me
9 Kyoto Song
10 The Baby Screams
11 Sinking
12 To The Sky
13 Just Like Heaven
14 The Caterpillar
15 The Blood

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Daddy Rich said...

Linky dink -

McCrank said...

Thanks Daddy Rich -- Great post -- I am going to listen intently to this and the rare Dylan!




centurian said...

Thanks Daddy..can't wait to listen to this!

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oceanico71 said...

thanks Daddy Rich!!!