Monday, October 15, 2007

The Beatles - Sink in the Can

Some more Beatle goodness from the 1968-69 era of the band. Near the inevitable end that was soon to pass. This time frame for the band is among my favorites (hard to beleive they were only around for about 6-7 years on the scene) and is rich with outtake material. Doesn't hurt either that 'Abbey Road' is my second favorite album of theirs - anyone guess the first? Also, as a cool side note to this boot, tracks 7-16 are Ringo drumming for a Cat Stevens session.As ever, all are welcome to post any good finds (from any blog-related band) in the comments. Good friend of the blog Bucephalus has shared many great albums in the comments and all are welcome to do so as well.

1. I Will (0:39)
2. Oh Darling Playing with Echo (1:06)
3. Oh Darling I can hear nothing in my earphone (3:05)
4. Oh Darling Latin Version (1:26)
5. Oh Darling (1:15)
6. Oh Darling (2:29)
7. Blue Monday (3:08)
8. If I Have to work for you (3:03)
9. Tuning (0:58)
10. Blue Monday Eins Zwei (2:07)
11. Blue Monday One Two (2:06)
12. Tuning (0:44)
13. I just Want To Make Love To You (4:31)
14. Working In The Coal Mine (4:36)
15. Baby I Have Some Love For You (1:18)
16. Looking For The Sailor (8:16)

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