Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Eric B. and Rakim - 12" Collection

Oh yes. The President and The "R". What a time for hip-hop it was for all of us heads when these vinyl slabs were unleashed upon the unsuspecting masses. Everything changed. Musical knowledge, the understated rhythm scratch and rhymes with brains and heart were suddenly what we expected from our music. And, except for the music from these Queens geniuses we would be often disappointed by what was to become of our thing. There were no flashy 'transformer' scratches and the musical montage was thick with old-school breaks and a deft hand from Eric Barrier to keep this conscious party rocking. My feeble words cannot encompass what Rakim did to the scene. At the time he rolled up on the scene, it was all about rhymes name-dropping your sneakers, cars and how many women you have. No one else was thinking about the eternal, the ethereal and how real b-boys should conduct themselves. What a blueprint they provided and it makes me even more ashamed when I listen to them and then see what passes for this music (it's no longer 'mine' sadly) these days. Truly sad. But let's all take a trip back to the mid-to late 1980's and early '90's for some of the best rap records ever released. Respect.

Paid in Full 12" Single

1. Paid In Full (7 Minutes Of Madness - The Coldcut Remix)
2. Paid In Full (Album Mix)
3. Eric B Is On The Cut

Move the Crowd 12" Single

1. Move The Crowd (Beatmix By The Democratic 3 Feat. DJ Slack)
2. Move The Crowd (Album Version)
3. Move The Crowd (Wild Bunch Mix)
4. Extended Beat

I Aint No Joke (On The Cut) 12" Single

1. I Aint No Joke
2. I Aint No Joke (Extended Beat)
3. Eric B Is On The Cut.

Follow The Leader 12" Single

1. Follow The Leader
2. Follow The Leader (Acapella)
3. Follow The Leader (Dub)

In The Ghetto- Cassette Single

1. In The Ghetto (Extended Mix)
2. In The Ghetto (Freestyle Mix)
3. In The Ghetto (Drums Mix)
4. In The Ghetto (Cuts Mix)

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Carl said...

Very impressive. Thanks once again.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rich,
I´m Mahoum from Madrid, do you remember me?
I havent check your web for a long time because i thougtu you were out of this. It´s really great, to discover taht you´re again, taking care of business.

Daddy Rich said...

Hi there Mahou, of course I remember you and all the kind comments. Glad to see you back here!

apani said...

Thank you for this treat. Keep the eclectic music flowing. Hope your day is going well. Thanks.

Eulan said...

From Jim Croce to Rakim... I love it! :)

maldor said...

nice nice

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