Monday, October 15, 2007

The Beatles - Magical Mystery Tour Outtakes

Today's final Beatle offering of goodness. I looked back on my posts and realized it had been a good long time since I posted Beatles music. There is so many good albums and compilations to share that I am resonlably sure I will be posting more soon. As always - purchase the real albums and such, but the bootlegs are for the people - and we, the people, like to share, right? Right.

1. Magical Mystery Tour - unknown take
2. Fool on the Hill - demo 9/5/1967
3. Aerial Tour Instrumental - mono mix 9/8/67
4. Blue Jay Way - overdub session 10/6/67
5. Your Mother Should Know - alternate mono mix 8/22/67
6. I Am The Walrus - take 7 monitor mix 9/5/67
7. I Am The Walrus - take 9 9/5/67
8. I Am The Walrus - acetate source unknown take
9. Hello Hello - take 1
10. Strawberry Fields Forever - Twickenham Studios 1/1969
11. Strawberry Fields Forever - demos 1/66, take 1 11/24/66, and take 5 12/9/66
12. Penny Lane - brass overdub 1/9/67
13. Penny Lane - mono mix 1/25/67
14. Baby, You're a Rich Man - German stereo LP mix
15. All You Need is Love - TV Broadcast 6/25/67
16. Jessie's Dream - film music 10/67
17. Magical Mystery Tour - German stereo LP mix
18. Your Mother Should Know - German stereo LP mix
19. Strawberry Fields Forever - German stereo LP mix
20. Hello Goodbye - German stereo LP mix

Link in comments

Link in comments


Daddy Rich said...

Dose said...

Great to have you back!! Thanks for all that you post!! Now that you are resurrected....Pump Up the Volume will be on its way soon....


Anonymous said...

thanks for being who you are!

Daddy Rich said...

Well, THAT'S just about the nicest comment I have had - thank you Anonymous, hopefully you won't stay anonymous forever. Polite folks are always welcome at the Ape.

Daddy Rich said...

Dose - thank you so much. I am keeping up on checking your myspace page and you are always on point, my friend. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Hello Daddyrich,

Thanks for all these bootlegs. I thought it would be ashame to download your shares without leaving a message. So yeah, these are very much appreciated! I've read through your blog too, great content, nice and positive, good stuff!
(added to favourites)

Anyway, I'm in the process of collecting Beatles Bootlegs and the stuff you've shared is just awesome and a great addition to the collection!

I've got about 20gb+ of all kinds of Beatles material, So... If there's anything that you want, if there's anything I can do, just call on me and I'll (try) to send it along, with love from me to you!

(Sorry couldn't resist, lol)

Thanks and Merry Xmas when it gets here!