Thursday, September 27, 2007

Depeche Mode - Demo's and Rarities Collection

Talk about your difficult tasks, my friends. Whew. I have been a DM fan for quite a few years now (Daddy IS an old man), and given my penchant for all that is demo-like and alternate, etc. you can imagine my zeal in seeking their rarities. Sure, they have their respective 'Ultra Rare Trax' compilations that have been floating around the intewebs for a few years. But these seem to be merely compilations of the less-desirable club mixes that never really did much for me. Daddy loves the demos. The process of a song from a few scattered chords or melodies into a full-grown song is akin to magic to me. Can't really explain it any better than that, my friends. Sadly, so many artists are ashamed of their first forays into songs that later become well-known that the demos are just buried and forgotten. Some have other reasons I am sure, but this seems to be the gist of the situation. Of course, artists are beginning now to see the light on this topic and many new deluxe editions of classic albums are being released with a bonus disc or simply bonus tracks and many of them are demos and alternate takes. Also, conversely, the artists could be having no input on this and the greedy record companies saw a new way to re-package old product and expand it to 2 discs and charge more cash for the product. Reminds me of Morrissey's song 'Paint A Vulgar Picture' . Truly these are the only items that get me to walk into record stores now and I am loving them. So, here is one I have found that actually has Martin Gore's home demos and others goodies as well , I do hope you enjoy them and turn a brother onto any website or sharing place that has more of this sort of Depeche Mode goodness that you may know of. Where applicable, more details have been added in parenthesis, but a few of these have no attribution and if anyone else has more info., it will of course be greatly appreciated.

1. Fly On the Windscreen (RARE DEMO MIX)
2. New Baby (The French Look) 1979
3. Letïs Get Together (Composition Of Sound) 1980
4. All By Themselves (M. Gore Demo) 1983
5. And Then (M. Gore Home Demo) 1983
6. Cliche - Until You Saw The Sea (M. Gore Demo) 1983
7. I Feel No Guilt (M Gore Demo) 1983
8. Love In Itself (M. Gore Home Demo) 1983
9. Pipeline (M. Gore Home Demo) 1983
10. Told You So (M. Gore Home Demo) 1983
11. Violence (M Gore Demo) 1983
12. If You Want (A. Wilder Home Demo) 1984
13. Lie To Me (M. Gore Home Demo) 1984
14. Postulae (A Wilder demo for Hydrology) 1987
15. Sibeling (M. Gore Home Demo) 1989
16. About You About Me (?)
17. But Not Tonight (Soundtrack Version)
18. I Want You Now (?)
19. Enjoy The Silence (?)
20. Fly On The Windscreen Rough Mix
21. It's Called A Heart Rough Mix

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Daddy Rich said...

Richard said...

Welcome back to blogland daddy rich!

matt lohrke said...

this is tremendous! many thanks.

HaLo said...

fantastic post...thanks alot for this gem

Stephen said...

A few corrections.
After playing a few of these "For Joanne", "Will the New Baby Grow", "All By Themselves" and a good few of the others were not demos and were not Composition of Sound or any member of Depeche Mode. The voices are not right!

Alan Wilder did a version of "Cliche" which is a never named practice track, and "If You Want" (the official SHUNT page when I wrote to them confirmed the latter track is his voice).

Vince with "Let's Get Together" created a version but I think it was after he had left the band; early version from an interview on TV had Gahan singing a little part.

Here are songs, demos and those with the voice of Martin Gore too - enjoy!

- Stephen B

Anonymous said...

- A few extras -

- big file, has those and also others from studio or demo -