Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Elvis Presley - G.I. Blues Collectors Edition

I believe I have already given my opinion on Elvis here, right? Well, to summarize - I appreciate him more as a cultural milestone than as a singer (he wasn't much of a musician), but I do not wish to slight those who may be great fans of his. We may just have to agree to disagree. I DO believe the burgeoning rock and roll movement took a swift kick in the nuts as soon as he was drafted into service for the Army and sent to Germany. If not for Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins and a few others, it may have extinguished altogether before reaching it's fruition. So, for me, this is one of the more bearable Elvis offerings and is offered as an answer to a request. Please understand that I do read all of the e-mails and comments and would love to fill all the requests and such but I have a backlog of about 200 requests and will get to them as my time allows. I hope htere are some fans out there who do not already have this one and it pleases their ears. Peace.

1. Tonight Is So Right for Love (2:12)
2 What's She Really Like (2:16)
3 Frankfort Special (2:55)
4 Wooden Heart (2:02)
5 G.I. Blues (2:35)
6 Pocketful of Rainbows (2:32)
7 Shoppin' Around (2:21)
8 Big Boots (1:30)
9 Didja' Ever (2:35)
10 Blue Suede Shoes (2:05)
11 Doin' the Best I Can (3:09)
12 Tonight's All Right for Love (1:21)
13 Big Boots (Fast Version) (1:14)
14 Shoppin' Around (Alternate Take 11) (2:15)
15 Frankfort Special (Fast Version - Take 2) (2:25)
16 Pocketful of Rainbows (Alternate Take 2) (2:47)
17 Didja' Ever (Alternate Take 1) (2:42)
18 Big Boots (Acoustic Version) (0:58)
19 What's She Really Like (Alternate Take 7) (2:24)
20 Doin' the Best I Can (Alternate Take 9) (3:17)

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