Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Bob Dylan - The Emmit Grogan Acetates (1963)

Oh, the awesome early Dylan. Just love this stuff and, knowing my penchant for all things rare and unusual in great music, sometimes even just an added second of studio chatter is enough to make a boot worthwhile to me. I know, I am a freak. Just ask the wife. Although this dates as 1963, it seems these recordings were also dated from 1964-65, so who knows? Things get murky sometimes in the wild and wooly world of acetates. I will also begin again to post some more outtakes and rarities from Mr. Zimmerman as soon as I can get them uploaded and have some pithy comments prepared for your edification and approbation.

Culled from the interwebs...

"Seven tracks from the Emmett Grogan acetates in superb stereo so clean there's little hint that acetates are the source. Bonus tracks also in excellent quality, to my knowledge best quality available. The Another Side acetates are sure to cause a stir. While these trax are the same as appear on the official album, in a couple of cases you hear the producer asking Dylan if he's ready and perhaps a count-in. All, that is, except "Mr Tambourine Man." This version is completely different, vocally and instrumentally, than the one recorded 6 months later and released on Bringing It All Back Home. This is a major find. Unlike the upbeat, optimistic, jaunty official version, this one is much slower, more sparse, sung like BD has the "worried blues," concerned that his muse may not return. A totally different song, different phrasing, added lines, a mistaken line, different ending. And who is that singing the choruses with Bob? [Jack Elliott] This version runs well over a minute longer than the released version, and ends without a guitar/harp solo. This one tune is more than worth the price of admission. "

1. i don't believe you
2. chimes of freedom
3. motorpsycho nitemare
4. mr. tambourine man (with jack elliot)
5. all i really i want to do
6. black crow blues
7. i shall be free #10
8. all i really want to do
9. denise
10. california
11. bob dylan's new orleans rag
12. east laredo blues
13. that's all right, mama -- sally free and easy
14. bob dylan's new orleans rag
15. hero blues

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Daddy Rich said...

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back! How's your health these days?

Anonymous said...

hiya- having problem with The Cure - What Happened Behind The Door? "Can't open file." Can someone help? Gracias

Daddy Rich said...

Hey, thanks for asking. My health has been pretty darn good lately. I am glad some of you still come by to see what's going on.

p.s For the other post - I just checked the Cure link and it's working.

btsacto said...

Was real curious what the Emmit Grogan part of the story you know?

Carl said...

Thanks very much! Another terrific share!

Anonymous said...

Re: Cure Sorry mate not the link but the file itself doesn't open.

Hope all is well and thanks.

Bucephalus said...

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Rita (from The Dolce Vita) said...

Thanks - this version of "Hero Blues" was a rather elusive track (could only ever find the '63 Witmark & live Town Hall versions.)
But, just to clarify - for all us Bobaholics -, "East Lorado" & perhaps one of "New Orlean's Rag" takes was from "The Times" '63 sessions, while the rest of these so-called Grogan acetates were primarily recorded on June 9th, 1964.
"Tambourine Man" w/Elliot was a Witmark demo, though, recorded the same day as the omitted piano version of "Mama, You've Been On My Mind."
Also absent are the other post-"Times" Witmark publishing demos: "Paths of Victory" (Dec.'63), "Guess I'm Doin' Fine" & "Baby, Let Me Follow you Down" (Jan.'64), & an early version of "I'll Keep It With Mine."
Nevertheless, this is a great collection. (Minus the annoying Newport live intro. to "All I Really...")
Thanks again!

Daddy Rich said...

Thank you so much Rita (from The Dolce Vita) for helping with the clarification. I enjoy and welcome all people who can shed light on any of the posts. Thanks for helping an old man out.

Anonymous said...

To "bstacto" and or those who don't know about the mysterious Emmett Grogan. He wrote a book called Ringolevio which was mainly a autobiography about his infamous life as an outlaw, jewel thief and later one of the original "diggers" at the beginning of the hippie era in San Francisco.
He only died recently.
Austral Alien

Anonymous said...

This one sure is hard to find online, I was about ready to pay way too much for this at my local record store! Thank you for posting!