Monday, October 15, 2007

The Beatles - The River Rhine Tapes

Great selections from the 'Let It Be' and 'Get Back' sessions-era. Not a whole lot of Beatle-banter on this one, many boots of this era have endless studio chatter and clearly show the band falling apart. Although I value those editions as well, it gets kind of depressing to listen to. This one is just chock full of great versions of soon-to-be classics, God they are missed. The best part of this package it seems universally agreed upon is the emergence of George Harrison as a song-writig force to be reckoned with. This one (actually is part of a 3 disc set) has some wonderful sound quality and is worth many listens on your stereos children, more Beatles to come.

01 Two of Us
02 I dig a Pony
03 I got a Feeling
04 Dont Let Me Down
05 I Me Mine Waltz
06 Let it Be
07 For You Blue
08 One After 909
09 Long and Winding Road
10 Get Back
11 Oh Darling
12 Across the Universe
13 Dig It/John sings the titles
14 Mailman
15 Good Rockin Tonite
16 20 Flight Rock
17 Her Majesty
18 Maxwells Silver Hammer by John
19 Maxwells Silver Hammer by Paul
20 Suzy Parker
21 Bad Finger Boogie
22 Mean Mr Mustard
23 All Things Must Pass
24 The Walk
25 River Rhine
26 BillyBeatle Boogie

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Daddy Rich said...

Part 1 -

Part 2 -

Anonymous said...

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