Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Crass - Peel Session March 10, 1979

Oh yes. Love Crass. To me, they seemed like the English equivalent of our Dead Kennedys. Keen political insight and minimal amounts of musical talent. The words are what were really meant to be heard and absorbed. I suppose they figure it may be easier to change minds (and eventually, the world) by wonderfully voiced and well-written words than by their guitars, drums, bass, et. al. Sadly, Crass only did one session with the immortal Mr. Peel (God rest his soul) and here we have the fruits of that session. Damn, 1979 was a great year for the Peel Sessons, eh? Gang of Four (love them, too), Joy Division, Adam & The Ants, Siouxsie & The Banshees, The Cure, Buzzcocks, U.K. Subs, O.M.D., The Police, Psychedelic Furs, Madness, Stiff Little Fingers, XTC, The Specials, Killing Joke, The Damned... Would it be too much to ask to be reincarnated as John Peel circa 1979. Holy Hell - that reads like my dream line-up of English Bands. For you further edification, I will be posting more Crass in the future and hope you will indeed enjoy their music and go buy some from their own label. At least you know where the money is going when you buy from Crass Records. I will go buy another just to do my part, as well.

1. G's Song
2. Mother Earth
3. Bomb
4. Shaved Woman
5. Tired

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Daddy Rich said...

Juan Duque said...

When you say "minimal amounts of musical talent", I could understand it about Crass (although i like them too, esp. Penis Envy, big A little a, Nagasaki nightmare, sheepfarming, etc), but i think the Kennedy's had loads of musical talent, esp East Bay Ray, wouldn't you say? Anyway, good blog. Keep plugging away.

Daddy Rich said...

Yes, Juan - I should have been more specific. I do believe the Dead Kennedys had an amount of talent worthy of remarking upon. But, I do not believe they are a complete band without Jello Biafra singing. Their flimsy rationale for touring a few years back was that people didn't care as much for Jello on vocals than they did for the band's music. I couldn't agree less.

Bucephalus said...

Since I enjoy getting are a couple of nice things for you:

Lee Perry & Friends - Open The Gate 1989

Lee Perry & the Upsetters

Tapper Zukie - EARTH RUNNING

Allison said...

Just so you all know.. this is NOT on Crass Records and the band do not get any money from the sales of these records.

The bootlegs are kind of uncool really, the band are broke and it's wrong of people to assume they can release stuff without their permission.

There is a thread about this on the Crass forum. Which is how I found this blog. So that's a good thing...


Daddy Rich said...

So, Allison - the record is now off of the blog for sharing. One could see how having "Crass Records" printed on the sleeve could lead one to believe it was legitimate, right? Consider it gone. Shit, I should really go through my Crass records and tapes t se what is real now.

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