Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Stooges - Studio Sessions 1972

As is often the case, I find a wonderful description on the web that trumps anything I could write. I recently rewatched "Velvet Goldmine" and continue to be impressed with Ewan MacGregor's Iggy imperesonation. Really uncanny stuff. Lots of goodness and Stooges' madness in this bootleg for you all to enjoy. The review below is from www.dmme.net/reviews/reviews5.html - they are a great resource for kicking musical knowledge.

"THE STOOGES are the band everyone has to re-visit from time to time to recall they were not only about noise. Iggy seems to overshadow hus mates while it was them who secured for the singer a space to freak out in. These recordings hail from 1972, around the "Raw Power" period and after it, when the band set to work on the follow-up. Welcomed in the fold was Scott Thurston whose Jerry Lee Lewis-ey piano shines in "Head On" and no one can ignore Ron Asheton's bass. Hectic rock'n'roll debuted on the "Metallic KO" live album but this version shows how unleashed the band was even in the studio. "Death Trip" is presented here in rough mix, not so wild as one that made the LP. Pop in his best Jagger mood.

"I Got Right", fantastic, organ-driven song eventually appeared in 1975 on Pop's album of the same name. Early variant could have been considered classic had it been released by the band. Kudos to the short solo Blackmore would've been proud of.

Detroit's WABX radio broadcast 1972 sessions and now fans can savour "Hard To Beat" and still poppy "Raw Power" taken off the station's vaults. In case you don't know: "Hard To Beat", once polished and loaded with fiery guitars, turned out as "Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell".

Another rock'n'roll of this kind is "Cock In My Pocket", previously known only by the "Metallic KO" rendition. But studio version appeared to exist with keyboards' firework provided by one Bob Sheff while . Also there are two jams, "Rubber Legs" and "Pin Point Eyes", dedicating the listener to THE STOOGES methods of work, tight and disciplined despite the rumours. Especially good is the latter, the blues, while James Williamson's solo of the former blows the socks off the feet.

Manzarek-like organ adorns mighty "Open Up & Bleed" which you could easily confuse with stoned Mick The Stone track. And more DOORS feel to "Johanna" to pop up later on Iggy's "Kill City".

A valuable addition to THE STOOGES' catalogue, a fun not only for a fan."

1. Head On

2. Death Trip

3. I Got a Right

4. Hard to Beat

5. Cock in My Pocket

6. Rubber Legs

7. Johanna

8. Pin Point Eyes

9. Open up and Bleed

10. Raw Power

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phil said...

hi there daddy rich - wow - more stooges!!! but [there's always a but...] i can't open the file - tried two programmes - both failed... help needed!

Richard said...

I tried to download as well and when I try to open it says invalid or corrupted.

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Hi Daddy Rich I'm having trouble with this file too. Any chance you could reup?

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try unpacking only the essential straight to root directory. it if works, just rename them adding "mp3" extension

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thanks fer postin this!!! I love
this version of Johanna. Its much better than the one on "Im sick of you", in my opinion