Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Nine Inch Nails - Purest Feeling (Pretty Hate Machine Demos)

The one and only Trent Reznor. One of my favorite albums of all time is, of course, 'Pretty Hate Machine' and you can imagine my delight at finding these years ago. These are especially precious, to my mind, because of the pre-heavy heavy angst N.I.N absent here, that came to full fruition in the aforementioned album. Some of these are markedly different from the finished versions (as they should be) but, to my mind, hint at a more pop sensibility. Let's not underestimate the influence of the music of Ministry, who also started with a poppier sound and after a little soul-searching had found their dark niche, as it were. It all comes full circle when you hear the early music of Mr. Reznor and how danceable it was. I say this not as a slight towards any of his music, past or present. I just love the evolution and am grateful to be able to hear these songs in their gestational stages. I have a few more N.I.N. goodies that will be posted shortly. So , I hope you all enjoy these songs.

1 Intro (2:23)
2 Sanctified (5:39)
3 Maybe Just Once (5:10)
4 The Only Time (5:12)
5 Kinda I Want To (5:02)
6 Thats What I Get (4:19)
7 Purest Feeling (2:59)
8 Ringfinger (5:54)
9 Down In It (6:17)

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Daddy Rich said...


Jack said...

Outstanding! Thanks so much for this one! Love the early sound to this. Very interesting look at these familiar tunes.

Anonymous said...

cant wait to hear these early demos, i love the few nin ones ive got from the downward spiral... cant find the link at the moment though

thanks in advance :)

mysterie said...

wow, finishing it right now, I can hardly believe these are demos, the whole thing sounds very finished. Are you sure that this wasn't an album that he decided not to release? Any how, as a fan of Trent, this was wonderful to hear, thank you very much.

Live Poker said...

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