Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Husker Du - Everything Falls Apart & More

What a great collection of the first album and the scarce singles from it. You already know of my love and respect for the great Bob Mould (buy hs music, he's one of the good guys. I do.)

SSMT-Reviews.com has it put so much more excellently -

"I really like the concept behind this release. Rhino took the Huskers first studio LP, 1982's Everything Falls Apart (tracks 1-12) and appended all of the impossible to find early singles and demos from their pre-SST years. The seasoned Husker Du scholar will see this as the most critical instrument for understanding the band's stunning musical transitions that occurred over their eight years together. No other recording offers such insight into the future sounds of this most innovative band. The uninitiated will be confused and dumbfounded by all of this "noise." But it's not the case that this recording is only applicable to a historical analysis. The songs themselves lit my world afire when I first heard them and they still do to this day. Some of the tracks are decidedly noisy, fast, chaotic punk similar to Land Speed Record, only not so damaging to the ears. Several selections offer a fantastic glimpse into the future of this band, most notably "Everything Falls Apart," "In a Free Land" and "Amusement." With a little hindsight the listener can see how in 1982 the coming of 1985's devastating New Day Rising was inevitable. Trying to describe Bob Mould's guitar and vocal brilliance serves no purpose-anyone that has ever heard him knows the depths of his gifted abilities. His playing is simply beyond description. Greg Norton's more active role as a songwriter in this period is shown here, and one must wonder how the band's sound would have progressed if he had maintained that status. I was never a grand supporter of Grant Hart, but his songs also stand out here, most notably the extended version of "Statues." As the early Reflex and New Alliance singles are nearly impossible to find, it's nice that Rhino made them accessible, along with the previously unreleased demos as well. Verdict: If the Huskers altered your world like they altered mine, you need this. Else, you just won't get it."

1. From The Gut
2. Blah, Blah, Blah
3. Punch Drunk
4. Bricklayer
5. Afraid Of Being Wrong
6. Sunshine Superman
7. Signals From Above
8. Everything Falls Apart
9. Wheels
10. Target
11. Obnoxious
12. Gravity
13. In A Free Land
14. What Do I Want?
15. M.I.C.
16. Statues
17. Let's Go Die
18. Amusement
19. Do You Remember?

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How about a bonus for you distinguished music collectors and listeners (esteemed friends of the Ape). Here's a Bob Mould radio session....

Bob Mould - NPR The Current 2005

1. Hoover Dam
2. Talking Part 1
3. Paralyzed
4. Talk Part 2
5. I Apologize
6. Talk Part 3
7. See A Little Light (one of DaddyRich's favorites)

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More Sisters Of Mercy Goodness!!!!

The Sisters Of Mercy - Enter The Sisters Volume 1 (More Sisters)

Another rarity Sisters collection for all the fine folks who have been following this chase of mine concerning this bands hard-to-find music. I have a few more that I wil be sharing over the next weeks and months as well. I am still looking to complete the all acoustic Sisters album and it's proving well-nigh impossible over here - so any help will be appreciated and credit will be given. You know that DaddyRich shares the love. More to come...

1 Damage Done
2 Watch
3 Adrenochrome
4 Body Electric
5 Anaconda
6 Phantom
7 1969
8 Alice
9 Floorshow
10 Kiss the Carpet
11 Lights
12 Valentine
13 Fix
14 Burn (Conclusion)

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Monday, April 23, 2007

Death Row Records Rarities

Now, first and foremost I have to thank the heads over at Concainblunts for this one. As big a fan as I am of old-school rap music, this is a rare exception for something post-1989. Some very good times were had whilst listening to some of these tracks. Also, as much as Dr. Dre works on the nerves, he has a love for the Funkadelic sound that exonerates him of all my hating. It's all too easy to blame these fellows here (pictured below) for what became (has become) of todays popular rap music, namely that it sucks ass. But I believe the true fault (as usual) lies with the imitators and not the originators. Of course they spawned a industy full of studio gangsters and a respect for all things vile, but these cats did it with style. Of course, I will remove these in a flash if I hear that Suge Knight wants to come to my house and ask me to remove the tracks.

1. Dr. Dre - Puffin On Blunts & Drankin Tanqeray (Extended Mix)
2. Dr._Dre feat._Snoop_Dogg__-_Just_Dippin__Battlecat_Remix
3. Dr. Dre -_Nuthin__But_A_G_Thang__Club_Mix
4. Dr. Dre, Snoop, Daz-Let Me Ride (11 minute extended version)
5. Snoop Dogg - old school freestyle
6. Snoop Dogg - feat._Dr._Dre__-_The_Next_Episode__Original_Unreleased_Deathrow_Version
7. Snoop Dogg - Gin and Juice (Laid_Back_Mix)
8. Tha_Dogg_Pound__feat._Heavy_D__-_Can_U_Handle_It

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Oasis - Live At Virgin Mega-Store Acoustic 1994

Ah, before all the fame and accolades and drug/alcohol binges put them into rock's stratosphere. Most Americans still can't be bothered with Oasis, and that's fine with me. I will continue to play them often and am ecstatic to hear Noel is finally going to make a solo album (all of them should have been with him on lead vocals, in my humble opinion). A pretty damned good quality bootleg here, hope you enjoy.

1. Shaker Maker (acoustic)
2. Supersonic
3. Live forever
4. Whatever
5. Sad song
6. Slide away

A Double-Shot Of Soul From Otis Redding

Otis Redding - Otis Redding Sings Soul (1966)

Another aptly-named album from the 1960's. What a corny title, eh? File next to "Bob Marley Sings Reggae". But to say that Otis "sings" soul is a bit of a misnomer. The man belted and wailed that sweet soul music. You could FEEL Otis, you know? It's a shame he didn;t live longer to give us more of his art, but we have quite a bit still here to enjoy. One of the best compilations I have heard of the man's music and I hope you all can dig it, too.

1. Ole Man Trouble
2. Respect
3. Change Is Gonna Come, A
4. Down In The Valley
5. I've Been Loving You Too Long
6. Shake
7. My Girl
8. Wonderful World
9. Rock Me Baby
10. Satisfaction
11. You Don't Miss Your Water

Otis Redding - In Person Live At The Whisky A Go Go (1966)

A more astute and well written description than I could have come up with...

"Recorded in 1966, Otis Redding's In Person At The Whisky A Go Go is his best live album, beating out Live in Europe, and is one of the best and most energetic live albums ever made. The album kicks off with the great I Can't Turn You Loose followed by Pain In My Heart, from Redding's first album. This is followed by the soulful plea of Just One More Day and a great version of his earlier hit Mr. Pitiful. The recording of Satisfaction on here is even better then the version on Otis Blue, and easily rivals the Stone's version. This is followed by three great soul songs, I'm Depending On You, Any Ole Way and the great ballad These Arms of Mine. Reddin then goes into a kickin' version of James Brown's Papa's Got A Brand New Bag, which at least as good as the original. The album closes with the classic Respect. This is just a tour de force performance and you can feel the energy coming off of it. This prooves just how great of a voice Otis Redding had and just how soulful he was. This is an essential album in Otis Redding's catalog and in the history of Soul and R&B."

1. I Can't Turn You Loose
2. Pain In My Heart
3. Just One More Day
4. Mr. Pitiful
5. Satisfaction (I Can't Get No)
6. I'm Depending On You
7. Any Ole Way
8. These Arms Of Mine
9. Papa's Got A Brand New Bag
10. Respect

All praise is due to SFRP!!!
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Friday, April 20, 2007

Iggy Pop - The Best Of Iggy Pop Live (UK)

Not a whole lot of information on this, but a whole lot of Iggy Live. Not much more need be said. Although, having said that, I welcome anyone who can perhaps shed some light on it. I enjoy it and if you love Iggy then this is a welcome addition, especially after seeing the price for this at Amazon.uk.

1) Raw Power
2) High On You
3) Nightclubbing
4) China Girl
5) Blah Blah Blah
6) No Fun
7) 1969
8) TV Eye
9) Easy Rider
10) I Need Somebody
11) 5 Foot 1
12) I Wanna Be Your Dog
13) Passenger
14) I Got A Right
15) Some Weird Sin
16) Real Wild Child
17) Lust For Life
18) Search 'n' Destroy

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Genesis - Lamb Stew

Been a while since I posted any Gabriel-Era Genesis, so I seek to right that wrong. This one isn't particularly hard to find, but I enjoy it quite a lot. There is certainly no shortage of boots from this era of the band, but almost all of them have some atrocious sound and they stay buried in the back of my collection. I recall that a few years back at an import record store that I saw this for over $75.00 and couldn't even get a preview listen (bastards). This illustrates why I love music-sharing so much - had I paid $75 for it then, the only people getting rich would be the store and their bootlegger source (and no one would hear it, except for me - none of my friends enjoy this era of the group). By posting it here, there is a chance that some soul will hear it and go buy the original albums and then the machine gets fed. Either way, a classic show and tour and I hope you all dig it.

1. Watcher Of The Skies
2. Cuckoo Cocoon
3. Back In Nyc
4. Hairless Heart
5. Counting Out Time
6. Carpet Crawlers
7. Lilywhite Lilith.
8. The Waiting Room
9. Anyway
10. Silent Sorrow In Empty Boats
11. The Colony Of Slippermen

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The Police - The Reunion Show 1986

I had mentioned previously, I believe, that I am thrilled at the reunion of these gentlemen. I only wish I had the cash to throw down to see them, but alas, I have kids. This wonderful outing was from their first "reunion" at the Conspiracy Of Hope shows in 1986 for Amnesty International. It's too bad that every time they get together that the old problems begin to resurface, but I have my fingers crossed for an extended stay this time around. Great songs here and it plays like a live 'greatest hits' package. Enjoy, I will be throwing out some more Police concerts and rarities for you all soon. Let me know what you think.

1. Message In A Bottle
2. King Of Pain
3. Driven To Tears
4. Every Breath You Take
5. Roxanne
6. Invisible Sun
7. I Shall Be Released

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A Tribe Called Quest - Revised Quest For The Seasoned Traveller

Now, I know I may have smoked a bit of herb in the early 1990's but I do not remember the name being spelled that way. Could have sworn it was 'Qwest', but I am digressing. It was easy to tell these boys were going places after I heard that green-vinyl debut single for "I Left My Wallet In El Segundo", way back in....Fall/Winter of 1989. Just smooth beats and quality production cobined with highly skilled rhymes. It's a shame that record sales rarely follow talent, for these fellas deserved a lot more shine than they saw. Either way, this is a little collection of b-sides and 12" remixes that will serve to remind us how great they were. Here's a tidbit from the interwebs -

"A dope collection of 12" and various remixes of Tribe Called Quest classics -- collected on this nice compilation -- which for a while seemed as tough to get a hold of as the original vinyl singles! What makes this set special is the that it features the really good remixes of the time, plus a UK house mix or two. Includes "Jazz (We Got) (re-recording)" - that appeared on the US 12-inch, "Butter (hip hop mix) ", "Scenario (young nation's mix)" - with Leaders of the New School and remixed by Young Disciples, "If The Papes Come (remix)" - previously available on 12" only, "Can I Kick It (extended boilerhouse mix)", "Check The Rhyme (mr. Muhammad's mix" - from the US single, "Pubic Enemy (saturday night virus discomix)", "Description Of A Fool (talkie)", "I Left My Wallet In El Segundo (vampire mix)", "Bonita Applebum (12" why? edit)", "Bonita Applebum (hootie mix)" - the one with the dope "Between The Sheets" sample"


Bonita Applebum (12'' Why? Edit)
I Left My Wallet In El Segundo (Vampire Mix)
Description Of A Fool (Talkie)
Pubic Enemy (Saturday Night Virus Discomix)
Check The Rhime (Mr. Muhammad's Mix)
Luck Of Lucien (Main Mix)
Can I Kick It? (Extended Boilerhouse Mix)
Scenario (Young Nation Mix)
If The Papes Come (Remix)
Jazz (We've Got) (Re-recording)
Butter (Hip Hop Mix)
Bonita Applebum (Hootie Mix)

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Rolling Stones - Acetates

A gem of Rolling Stones rarities for the good kids who visit the Ape. It's been a while since I have posted Stones' goodies and I am hereby setting about rectifying that. A majority of this boot was recorded in studios from Jamaica to Germany (with a little London Live Song as well) and has wonderful sound. The sound quality is surprisig considering the other 200-300 Stones boots I have sound like they were recorded in a silo while the Stones songs were playing on an old transistor radio. So, I hope you all enjoy and keep your eyes and ears open for more.

1. Silver Train
(Olympic Sound Studios, London, October 17-31 1970)
2. Criss Cross Man
(Dynamic Sound Studios, Kingston, Jamaica, Nov. 25-30, Dec. 6-21 1972)
3. Criss Cross Man
(Dynamic Sound Studios, Kingston, Jamaica, Nov. 25-30, Dec. 6-21 1972)
4. Hide Your Love
(Dynamic Sound Studios, Kingston, Jamaica, Nov. 25-30, Dec. 6-21 1972)
5. 100 Years Ago
(Mobile Recording Unit, Nelicote, July 10-25, Oct. 14 - Nov. 23 1971)
6. Ain't Too Proud To Beg
(Musicland Studios, Munchen, November 13-24 1973)
7. If You Can't Rock Me
(Musicland Studios, Munchen, November 13-24 1973)
8. Till The Next Goodbye
(Musicland Studios, Munchen, January 14-31 1974)
9. Drift Away
(Musicland Studios, Munchen, November 13-24 1973)
10. Dance Little Sister
(Musicland Studios, Munchen, November 13-24 1973)
11. Fingerprint File
(Musicland Studios, Munchen, November 13-24 1973)
12. Brown Sugar
(Olympic Sound Studios, London, May 9 - August 9 1970)
13. Bitch
(Olympic Sound Studios, London, May 9 - August 9 1970)
14. Let It Rock
(Leeds University, March 13 1971)
15. Ain't Too Proud To Beg
(Musicland Studios, Munchen, November 13-24 1973)

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

John Lennon - Let's Have A Party (Early 1970's)

It's been a long while since I posted any Beatle-related rarities, so here I go again. Sound quality is not anywhere near top-notch, but we get these to have them and not so much to play them every day at top volume, right? Since Beatle John is my favorite (a close tie for him and George) I am always seeking the rare and obscure. And what a selection of songs here for us to revel in - Lennon Solo, Beatle songs and covers. Guaranteed to make your bootleg collection shine just a little bit brighter for having it.

Heed the back cover caveat "The songs were all recorded live at a house party in the early 1970s and amateur equipment was used."

1. Tell Me What I Say
2. Yellow Submarine
3. Old Smokey Mountain
4. Good Night Irene
5. He's Got The Whole World
6. Like A Rolling Stone / Twist And Shout / Louie Louie / La Bamba
7. Bring It On Home To Me
8. Yesterday
9. Dance For The Chicken
10. Power To The People
11. Maybe Baybe
12. Peggy Sue
13. My Baby Left Me
14. Blue Suede Shoes
15. Crippled Inside
16. Give Peace A Chance
17. Crippled Inside
18. Uncle Albert

The Minutemen - The Punch Line

Hopefully the first of a few quality Minutemen/Firehose posts, if anyone is interested. An online punter said it better than I could so I quote,

"On early works like their first full-length release, 1981's THE PUNCH LINE, the Minutemen fashioned a unique hybrid out of the ashes of punk. At a time when pop music was heading into increasingly slick territory, the Minutemen strictly adhered to punk's short and fast aesthetic, but replaced punk's thunderous chords and nihilism with sprightly funk and politically savvy subject matter. The seriousness and extreme pointedness of their lyrics set the band apart from the American hardcore indie scene of 1981. While their SST label-mates Husker Du were singing about urban ennui and youthful frustration, the Minutemen, on the brisk title track, lambaste General George A. Custer. Not exactly cars-n-girls stuff. And yet their uncompromising approach and lo-fi fury struck a chord, earning them a passionate fan base. These 18 songs, with stripped-down titles like "Tension" and "Fanatics," are short, fierce bursts--most clock in somewhere between thirty and fifty seconds. The affect of Boon's shouted vocals and skewed funk riffs combined with the hard-charging rhythm section of George Hurley and Mike Watt is rock at its primal best." Cheers.


The Struggle
The Punch Line
Song For El Salvador
History Lesson

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Rockers All-Stars - Chanting With The Help of the Father (a.k.a. Augustus Pablo's All-Stars)

Oh the joy of the sweet, sweet reggae music on a sunny So-Cal day. Makes one glad to be alive. This particular classic of slabbed wax comes to us with a sterling pedigree. Mixed at King Tubby's & Harry J's , Produced by the Mighty Augustus Pablo and mixed by Prince Jammy. Released in 1978 and still crisp, beautiful chanting and dubbing for all you good children. Hope you all enjoy and I give many thanks for all the kind words and well-wishes from all the friends of the Ape while I was gone. Hope to be back to a more regular schedule here real soon.

1. Hammer Dub
2. Fire Dub
3. Firm Dub
4. Children Dub
5. H.I.M Dub
6. Lean Sweep
7. Jah Dub
8. Money Dub
9. Santic Dub
10. Equal Rights Dub

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Elvis Presley At Sun Records

Hopefully my Christian friends have a sense of humor about the picture at the bottom, I just cracked up when I saw it and had to include it here. Enough of that. I have seen a few 'Elvis at Sun' compilations and have not seen this one before. Also, since it also the only era of his career that I really enjoy, I hoped a few here would as well. That's the great thing about having one's own blog. I always appreciated Elvis as a cultural icon and stylistic signpost, but what I really remember of him was the bloated junkie performing pantomime in Vegas. He died when I was about 6 and it made an impression. I do recall my dad relating stories of how significant his contribution to popular music was to me when I was younger but I wasn't hearing any of it. The more I educated myself on the topic and looked deeper I could see some of what the old folks (sorry) were talking about. He certainly didn't invent rock & roll (he kinda stole, but we'll keep that under our hats, right?) but he was the image of the music and lifestyle when it went berzerk in the 1950's. In the days before his Army induction he seemed genuinely 'dangerous' to mid 50's America (which, albeit isn't saying much by today's standards...) and I can dig that and give him some posthumous respect for it. But, I digress - this is some great early Elvis and should please many ears. By the way, for all my rough talk about how much I don't enjoy most of his music 0 I do have about 200 albums worth of material here and if anyone need any, please just ask

01 - Harbour Lights
02 - I Love You Because
03 - Thats All Right
04 - Blue Moon Of Kentucky
05 - Blue Moon
06 - Tomorrow Right
07 - Ill Never Let You Go
08 - Just Because
09 - Good Rockin Tonight
10 - I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine
11 - Milkcow Blues Boogie
12 - Youre A Heartbreaker
13 - Im Left youre Right Shes Gone
14 - I'm Left Youre Right Shes Gone
15 - Baby Lets Play House
16 - I Forgot To Remember To Forget
17 - Mystery Train
18 - Trying To Get To You.
19 - When It Rains It Really Pours

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Some Choice Peter Tosh Selections

I need not elaborate upon my admiration and love for the late, great Mr. Tosh on this blog. Just check the archives, children. I have yet to tire of his voice, music and message after many years and hope I never do. The man UNDERSTOOD (or as Rasta would opine OVERSTOOD) about human nature and sung with such sincerity that it still brings my ears and heart great satisfaction. The choices here are great one's - 'Ultra Rare Tosh' and 'Live In Rome 1981'. Reggae fans know that Peter could bring it live and it is in great evidence here in the Rome show, which rolls out looking like a 'greatest hits live!' package. Just look at the jams on this one - 'Steppin' Razor', 'Mystic Man', 'Babylon Queendom'(A Personal Favorite of Mine) and so many others. Damn, it's reggae at it's finest. The other joint is 'Ultra Rare' which is someone's small rarities collection (that saves DaddyRich the time of creating his own, which I WILL get to someday..) and has some good cuts and hard-to-find versions. Share the music people, spread the love.

Rome 1981

1 -Intro
2 Steppin Razor
3 African
4 Coming In Hot
5 Don't Look Back
6 Rock With Me
7 Mystic Man
8 The Toughest
9 Bushdoctor
10 Rastafari is
11 Get Up Stand Up
12 Burial
13 Babylon Queendom
14 Legalize It

'Ultra Rare Tosh'

1. Babylon Queendom
2. Burial (Original Version)
3. You Can't Blame The Youth (1977 Version)
4. Dem Haffe Get A Beatin'
5. Once Bitten (Version)
6. Well Bred (Version)
7. Well Bred
8. You Can't Blame The Youth
9. You Can't Fool Me Again (Version)

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