Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Rockers All-Stars - Chanting With The Help of the Father (a.k.a. Augustus Pablo's All-Stars)

Oh the joy of the sweet, sweet reggae music on a sunny So-Cal day. Makes one glad to be alive. This particular classic of slabbed wax comes to us with a sterling pedigree. Mixed at King Tubby's & Harry J's , Produced by the Mighty Augustus Pablo and mixed by Prince Jammy. Released in 1978 and still crisp, beautiful chanting and dubbing for all you good children. Hope you all enjoy and I give many thanks for all the kind words and well-wishes from all the friends of the Ape while I was gone. Hope to be back to a more regular schedule here real soon.

1. Hammer Dub
2. Fire Dub
3. Firm Dub
4. Children Dub
5. H.I.M Dub
6. Lean Sweep
7. Jah Dub
8. Money Dub
9. Santic Dub
10. Equal Rights Dub

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Much Thanks for the Great upload! Cant get enough Augustus!! Peace!

Anonymous said...

Beeg Daddy! Many thanks for this A. Pablo!!