Tuesday, April 24, 2007

More Sisters Of Mercy Goodness!!!!

The Sisters Of Mercy - Enter The Sisters Volume 1 (More Sisters)

Another rarity Sisters collection for all the fine folks who have been following this chase of mine concerning this bands hard-to-find music. I have a few more that I wil be sharing over the next weeks and months as well. I am still looking to complete the all acoustic Sisters album and it's proving well-nigh impossible over here - so any help will be appreciated and credit will be given. You know that DaddyRich shares the love. More to come...

1 Damage Done
2 Watch
3 Adrenochrome
4 Body Electric
5 Anaconda
6 Phantom
7 1969
8 Alice
9 Floorshow
10 Kiss the Carpet
11 Lights
12 Valentine
13 Fix
14 Burn (Conclusion)

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DaddyRich said...


Anonymous said...

your search is impossible cos there is no all acoustic sisters album ! if your looking for "acoustics from the beehive" bootleg- its not acoustic either. only a couple of songs have acoustic guitars on them, believe me Ive been a fan for twenty years.If your really interested go to www.myheartland.com

Anonymous said...

good to have you back, Rich! coininky-dinkly i've been digging me some sisters lately. thanks for enabling me, buddy.

Anonymous said...

how does this differ from the 'some girls wander' comp?

btw have you seen recent pics of andrew eldritch? bald.