Friday, April 20, 2007

The Police - The Reunion Show 1986

I had mentioned previously, I believe, that I am thrilled at the reunion of these gentlemen. I only wish I had the cash to throw down to see them, but alas, I have kids. This wonderful outing was from their first "reunion" at the Conspiracy Of Hope shows in 1986 for Amnesty International. It's too bad that every time they get together that the old problems begin to resurface, but I have my fingers crossed for an extended stay this time around. Great songs here and it plays like a live 'greatest hits' package. Enjoy, I will be throwing out some more Police concerts and rarities for you all soon. Let me know what you think.

1. Message In A Bottle
2. King Of Pain
3. Driven To Tears
4. Every Breath You Take
5. Roxanne
6. Invisible Sun
7. I Shall Be Released

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Me. said...

errie said...

Hey rich. Thnx for this!. Hope you to see more of them when you have time for that ofcourse.
Cheers mate..

By the way...nice outlook of the blog. Easy to navigate.

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yesyesyes said...

Hoped to see Sting solo for the Amnesty show in Atlanta that year, but saw the Police, for the third or fourth time. hard to complain tho.

Anonymous said...

Seems to have been deleted. If you have time, can you re-upload? Thank you!