Friday, April 20, 2007

Genesis - Lamb Stew

Been a while since I posted any Gabriel-Era Genesis, so I seek to right that wrong. This one isn't particularly hard to find, but I enjoy it quite a lot. There is certainly no shortage of boots from this era of the band, but almost all of them have some atrocious sound and they stay buried in the back of my collection. I recall that a few years back at an import record store that I saw this for over $75.00 and couldn't even get a preview listen (bastards). This illustrates why I love music-sharing so much - had I paid $75 for it then, the only people getting rich would be the store and their bootlegger source (and no one would hear it, except for me - none of my friends enjoy this era of the group). By posting it here, there is a chance that some soul will hear it and go buy the original albums and then the machine gets fed. Either way, a classic show and tour and I hope you all dig it.

1. Watcher Of The Skies
2. Cuckoo Cocoon
3. Back In Nyc
4. Hairless Heart
5. Counting Out Time
6. Carpet Crawlers
7. Lilywhite Lilith.
8. The Waiting Room
9. Anyway
10. Silent Sorrow In Empty Boats
11. The Colony Of Slippermen

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Machiventa said...

mmm my favorite era of genesis, well the only era of genesis i like lol. i appreciate the upload, always wanted to hear some live lamb stuff - the age old debate of which is their best really doesn't matter, it's just a great record.

Anonymous said...

always great to hear some gabriel -genesis ! thanks a lot man , timo

Anonymous said...

Hello there. This reminds me what happend to me in 92 when this kind of bootlegs in Argentina cost more than twice a regular cd. With my fist salary I went to the shop and I bought the 1982-10-02 reunion and a Lamb doble bootleg. I was very very happy and like I could't share it with my friends, they were on something else. Last year I went to Germany to watch the band play live and it was heaven.

Anonymous said...

In case anyone was wondering, this is a high quality soundboard, a BBC FM broadcast, but an incomplete show.

Recorded at the Empire Pool, Wembley, London, UK in 1975... I forget the date, but you can google it and easily find it... very nice post, thanks ;)