Sunday, April 15, 2007

Some Choice Peter Tosh Selections

I need not elaborate upon my admiration and love for the late, great Mr. Tosh on this blog. Just check the archives, children. I have yet to tire of his voice, music and message after many years and hope I never do. The man UNDERSTOOD (or as Rasta would opine OVERSTOOD) about human nature and sung with such sincerity that it still brings my ears and heart great satisfaction. The choices here are great one's - 'Ultra Rare Tosh' and 'Live In Rome 1981'. Reggae fans know that Peter could bring it live and it is in great evidence here in the Rome show, which rolls out looking like a 'greatest hits live!' package. Just look at the jams on this one - 'Steppin' Razor', 'Mystic Man', 'Babylon Queendom'(A Personal Favorite of Mine) and so many others. Damn, it's reggae at it's finest. The other joint is 'Ultra Rare' which is someone's small rarities collection (that saves DaddyRich the time of creating his own, which I WILL get to someday..) and has some good cuts and hard-to-find versions. Share the music people, spread the love.

Rome 1981

1 -Intro
2 Steppin Razor
3 African
4 Coming In Hot
5 Don't Look Back
6 Rock With Me
7 Mystic Man
8 The Toughest
9 Bushdoctor
10 Rastafari is
11 Get Up Stand Up
12 Burial
13 Babylon Queendom
14 Legalize It

'Ultra Rare Tosh'

1. Babylon Queendom
2. Burial (Original Version)
3. You Can't Blame The Youth (1977 Version)
4. Dem Haffe Get A Beatin'
5. Once Bitten (Version)
6. Well Bred (Version)
7. Well Bred
8. You Can't Blame The Youth
9. You Can't Fool Me Again (Version)

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DaddyRich said...

Ultra Rare -

Live In Rome, 1981 -

Anonymous said...

Good to see you back, Daddyrich!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Thanks for all the great music.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Mystic Man!!!
(I think the Rome 1981 show might run a little bit too fast pitchwise--slowing it down a tiny bit might help it sound a little more fuller soundwise.) Praise!

Anonymous said...

this is the last anonymous poster again--just a heads up: if you slow the pitch on the Rome 1981 show down to -2.0 it sounds much better and 'right'. Nice show--too bad Bush Doctor cuts at the end of the guitar solo before the conclusion of the song. oh well. -dan