Monday, April 23, 2007

A Double-Shot Of Soul From Otis Redding

Otis Redding - Otis Redding Sings Soul (1966)

Another aptly-named album from the 1960's. What a corny title, eh? File next to "Bob Marley Sings Reggae". But to say that Otis "sings" soul is a bit of a misnomer. The man belted and wailed that sweet soul music. You could FEEL Otis, you know? It's a shame he didn;t live longer to give us more of his art, but we have quite a bit still here to enjoy. One of the best compilations I have heard of the man's music and I hope you all can dig it, too.

1. Ole Man Trouble
2. Respect
3. Change Is Gonna Come, A
4. Down In The Valley
5. I've Been Loving You Too Long
6. Shake
7. My Girl
8. Wonderful World
9. Rock Me Baby
10. Satisfaction
11. You Don't Miss Your Water

Otis Redding - In Person Live At The Whisky A Go Go (1966)

A more astute and well written description than I could have come up with...

"Recorded in 1966, Otis Redding's In Person At The Whisky A Go Go is his best live album, beating out Live in Europe, and is one of the best and most energetic live albums ever made. The album kicks off with the great I Can't Turn You Loose followed by Pain In My Heart, from Redding's first album. This is followed by the soulful plea of Just One More Day and a great version of his earlier hit Mr. Pitiful. The recording of Satisfaction on here is even better then the version on Otis Blue, and easily rivals the Stone's version. This is followed by three great soul songs, I'm Depending On You, Any Ole Way and the great ballad These Arms of Mine. Reddin then goes into a kickin' version of James Brown's Papa's Got A Brand New Bag, which at least as good as the original. The album closes with the classic Respect. This is just a tour de force performance and you can feel the energy coming off of it. This prooves just how great of a voice Otis Redding had and just how soulful he was. This is an essential album in Otis Redding's catalog and in the history of Soul and R&B."

1. I Can't Turn You Loose
2. Pain In My Heart
3. Just One More Day
4. Mr. Pitiful
5. Satisfaction (I Can't Get No)
6. I'm Depending On You
7. Any Ole Way
8. These Arms Of Mine
9. Papa's Got A Brand New Bag
10. Respect

All praise is due to SFRP!!!
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DaddyRich said...

Otis Redding Sings Soul -

Otis Redding Live In Person At The Whisky A Go Go-

Anonymous said...

Otis, my man!
Thanks, DaddyRich

dave said...

thanks a bunch! my first download from you, but i've been wanting to get this one for a while.

Anonymous said...

is the Whiskey a Go Go download missing a track? there were only 9 when i extracted it.


Del said...

Otis breaks...............Thanks...