Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Green Day - Dookie Demos

Let the naysayers have their way with this one. I still like Green Day and have done so for a long time. And, in DaddyRich's humble opinion (if I may opine...) this was a watershed album for popular music. One of the rare occurences when something from the underground is just too good to be kept subterranean. Glimpses of greatness were easy to see on earlier efforts like 1,039 Soothed Out Slappy Hours (and the individual early releases that comprised the collection) and Kerplunk!, all the Lookout! Records releases. Also, an astoishing number of lonely young boy and girl-that-got-away love songs, which were theretofore a rarity in So. Cal punk to that point. But the three-piece kept working and touring constantly and became a force to be reckoned with on the road and in the studio. All the "punk purists" (a.k.a. broke musicians who wish others to remain broke and anonymous as well) had their field day on the clean production by an industry fellow, but the end result shows the band to be far and away the best of their contemporaries. Well, maybe Rancid is better - but Green Day is far more accessible.

Green Day - Dookie Demos

01 - Basket case
02 - Burnout
03 - Haushinka
04 - Having a blast
05 - Jar
06 - Longview
07 - When I come around
08 - Basket case
09 - Burnout
10 - Haushinka
11 - Having a blast
12 - Jar
13 - Longview
14 - Instrumental
15 - Welcome to paradise
16 - When I come around

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