Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Culture - Rare & Unreleased Dub

First off, a moment to reflect and give thanks for the life of Joseph Hill and the wonderful voice he shared with the world. Respect. As a fan of the Dub and reggae lover this is an invaluabe collection of the sweet harmonies of the immortal Culture sound. It all began for me way back witha listen to 'International Herb' and my ears were hooked. A searing social conscience and a fun side as well, this group had many parts. Any fan of reggae will be pleased and well sedated upon listening to this crucial collection of the good stuff . DaddyRIch has a couple particular favorites - "Two Sevens Clash Dub" (from one of the greatest albums ever recorded) and "Iron Sharp Dub" are worth repeated listening. Have fun and share. Oh, I just found this was also stil available at - a top-notch blog and a man with kind music tastes. Give them a visit and say I sent you.

1. Disobedient Children Dub
2. Forward To Africa Dub
3. Everyday Love Dub
4. Skilful Dub
5. Iron Sharp Dub
6. Skilful Dub
7. Iron Sharp Dub
8. Tropical Dub Fever
9. Heavenly Dub
10. Harder Than The Rest Dub
11. Freedom Jam Dub
12. Deep Root Dub
13. Two Sevens Clash Dub

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Daddy Rich said...

mother said...

im sad to say i never knew this and i weas lucky to see them the last time they came to england, the share

Anonymous said...

Hi D-R. My all time favourite dub album is Joe Gibbs & the Professionals - African Dub All-Mighty Chapter 3, but I like Culture too, so will be interested to hear this. Thank you.

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The Orb - The Dream, their new release. Well ample!