Friday, September 21, 2007

Depeche Mode - Black Celebration Deluxe Edition Bonus DVD (live Tracks)

No, I didn't post the whole shebang on this one, sorry. I am trying to not to draw as much attention to myself as in the past. This post will only contain the bonus DVD tracks from the awesome Deluxe Package of one of their greatest albums. Mainly because of the dearth of decent sounding live shows of this era from the band, I always love to hear anything resembling a soundboard live show. I may even put some of the better-sounding bootlegs up here if anyone is interested. Always a great show from these fellows. So everyone put on black clothes and your Dr. Martens and alooowly sway back and forth, whilst chanting. "Let's have a Blaaaaaaaack Celllllabratioooooon tooooooonight." If you were a child of the early 1980's, Oh the memories this one will bring back. Whew. Actually I have a few interesting Depeche Mode gems that I will be putting here, I have many regular visitors here who have requested a few. So, I hope you all enjoy.

12. Black Celebration (Live Birmingham 86) (bonus track)
13. Question Of Time (Live Birmingham 86) (bonus track)
14. Stripped (Live Birmingham 86) (bonus track)
15. Shake The Disease (bonus track)
16. Flexible (bonus track)
17. It's Called A Heart (bonus track)
18. Fly On The Windscreen (bonus track)
19. But Not Tonight (bonus track)
20. Breathing In Fumes (bonus track)
21. Black Day (bonus track)
22. Christmas Island (bonus track)

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