Tuesday, September 18, 2007

David Bowie - Divine Symmetry (BBC Acoustic Sessions 1997)

This will be the first of a few re-ups on files that had many downloads that were killed all too soon. I am among the huge number of fans that feel any Bowie is good, but acoustic Bowie is better. Among the many acoustic-related discs I have here, this is ranked near the top for the breadth and depth from the man's sometiemes daunting catalogue. The sound is quite good and the man is in fine form here, so listen and enjoy and as ever - share.

01 Silence 0:17
02 The Man who Sold the World 4:07
03 Supermen 3:10
04 Andy Warhol 2:25
05 Repetition 3:01
06 Lady Stardust 3:23
07 White Light White Head 3:42
08 Shopping for Girls 3:27
09 Quicksand 4:43
10 Aladdin Sane 3:35
11 Fashion 3:41
12 Little Wonder 4:23
13 Aladdin Sane 4:20
14 Jean Genie 5:32
15 I'm Hot for you Baby 2:04
16 I Can't Read 5:49
17 The man who sold the world 4:32
18 Heroes 6:38
19 Let's Dance 4:25

As an added bonus, we have here another acoustic compilation containing various live and studio tracks of Bowie performing his greats. This one has a few repeats and a varying bit rate but is overall a worthy companion piece. At least until I sift through the many acoustic performances in my collection and make a definitive 'Acoustic Bowie at The Ape'. Cheers.

1. scary monsters
2. seven years in tibet
3. the supermen
4. dead man walking
5. the jean genie
6. i can't read
7. quicksand
8. aladdin sane
9. the man who sold the world
10. supermen
11. andy warhol.
12. repetition.
13. lady stardust
14. white light-white heat
15. shopping for girls
16. heroes
17. dead man walking
18. i can't read
19. repetition
20. rosie girl
21. **** you all night long

you know where the links are, right?


Daddy Rich said...

Divine Symetry-


Acoustic Compilation-

part 1 -


part 2 -


Anonymous said...

I can't manage the links and that's quite frustating and tantalising.
Mr Cream Rice

Anonymous said...

Hi again,

I guess you'll be glad to know there're asmiling Cream Rice down in Toulouse, France.

Daddy Rich said...

How about these for those who stil can't manage

Part 1-


Part 2 -


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this and welcome back. I kept your blog as one of my "favourites" - it has paid off - you're back!!

And going back ages... If you can find the second half of the Royal Festival Hall concert you would my make my day, week, month, year even! I am desperate still!


Anonymous said...

I am struggling

Any chance of a tinyurl for Divine Symmetry

Daddy Rich said...

Here ya go, kiddos


Anonymous said...

I knew you'd be back some day! That's why I saved your bookmark, even tho you said you were dead 'n gone.
Man, you have some fine musical taste.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for it, but i wander if you please could repost David live with Lou? I had problems with it . Love your blog! Cherrypop.

Anonymous said...

thank's you're wonderful...

Todd said...

Hey Dad?
I'm glad your back!
A Quick question the track listing in the Divine Symetrt that you posted and the tracks in the down load are different. The download has 13 tracks with a few of them being interviews (Which is what I've seen elsewhere under this title) I'm sure it's just a mixup... some upload rust from your time off.

Anonymous said...

I'm really looking forward to listening to this! Thank you!

nobrav said...

Very good live, thanks a lot.
If you got some more from Bowie, i'm a big fan.
Thanks in advance...

Anonymous said...

Thank you.

Bran Ruz said...

super post

Anonymous said...

Daddy Rich, Thank you for showing us the real way to download the Bowie file.

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