Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Talking Heads - Demos 1975

Any regular reader of the Ape will know that DaddyRich is the first to admit how unhip and late-to-the-party he is on some music. Many years I ignored Talking Heads for no good reason other than that after a few minutes of listening, it didn't grab me. With as much music as I have, if it don't grab me quickly - I got a stack of more waiting that just might. And said album goes into a pile for 'later listening' and with the advent of the sharing communities, my 'later' stack is usually a few hundred albums deep. Oh, the ebarrassment of riches over here. Love the music too much. So, many years after the fact of their splitting up and solo permutations, I begin to give their early work a listen. So, I am an old fool who arrives late - but at least I show up, no? Great early stuff with glimpses of greatness. And this girl has done more work on this demo collection than anyone I have seen - she has the same music disease I have...kudos for her hard work.

Psycho killer
Sugar on my tongue
Thank you for sending me an angel
I want to live
I wish you wouldn't say that
The girls want to be with the girls
Who is it
With our love
Stay hungry
Tentative decisions
Warning sign
I'm not in love
The book I read
Love goes to building on fire
No compassion

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Daddy Rich said...

Norman said...

Awesome stuff! Sadly your zip file seems to be missing tracks 2, 4, 5, and 14.


Anonymous said...

those missing tracks: 2, 4, 5 & 14 were the only ones released officially.
all four tracks taken directly from this demo session were made available on the "Sand In The Vaseline" album. get those songs and your demo session is complete.

Norman said...

Sweet!... Many thanks for the clarification!

Mr. Jones said...

I've been lookin' for this a loooong time!(The "Electricity" 2-LP set I bought from a used record store 20 years ago was missing this first portion of album...)

Tbag said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks. great site.

Anonymous said...

The band Television was before them, but the Heads stole their sound, and got famous.


I still like them, though, dammit.