Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Stone Roses - Garage Flower (Demos)

We all know how DaddyRich gets when speaking about the Stone Roses and what they could have become....sigh. So I will be brief before I become overcome with emotion. I am the happy owner of many of their albums and bootlegs and this is an essential part of any collection, in my estimation. I always enjoy hearing the beginnings of a great band and spotting parts where the genius truly shines through and it's evident in so many spots here. Also, as previously stated - I do have many bootlegs and have a question for any of the other Roses fans out there: Do they all sound so crappy? Are any of them soundboard recordings that are worth the while? I don't even listen to mine after first getting them, they sound so horrid. I would love a truly great-sounding show (a la The Smths 'Rank') that I could suitably overplay and adore. Let an old man know...

"In the wake of The Stone Roses success in 1989/1990, the market was flooded with bootlegs proclaiming to be their 'lost' debut album. In fact, they were lifted from demo tapes that had circulated around Manchester between 1985 and 1988.

Musically these early sessions were generally quite rough - although there were some fascinating works-in-progress and numerous songs which never saw the light of day. Most stemmed from the Stone Roses' first proper stint in the studio. This album's worth of material was taped after the group signed to Thin Line Records in 1985, a label created by their then manager Howard Jones. Thin Line drafted in the city's leading producer Martin Hannett, to oversee the sessions at the local Strawberry Studios. But the band and label famously fell out and the sole product of Hannett's work with the band was the debut single, "So Young/Tell Me".

In 1996 Garage Flower Records issued the majority of the Hannett sessions under the title of "Garage Flower". Rumours suggested that Silvertone had inherited these tapes (they were published by Zomba, Silvertone's parent company) and decided to issue them in the wake of the court case and the band's acrimonious departure to Geffen in 1992.

Dismissed by the Stone Roses as nothing more than a bootleg, the release is still a vital piece in the band's early history.

The Garage Flower release finally saw the majority of the Roses demos and out-takes see the light of day but there is still a few rarities to be issued commercially."

1. Getting Plenty
2. Here Is Comes
3. Trust A Fox
4. Tradjic Roundabout
5. All I Want
6. Heart On The Staves
7. I Wanna Be Adored
8. This Is The One
9. Fall
10. So Young
11. Tell Me
12. Haddock
13. Just A Little Bit
14. Mission Impossible

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DaddyRich said...

Fearless said...

I too, am a huge fan of the Roses and haven't heard any truly Rank quality bootlegs yet.

Anonymous said...

I have an excellent audio version of their Blackpool performance(ripped from the DVD released a couple years ago). I'd be happy to drop it to you. Just give me an email address and I'll take care of it.


DaddyRich said...

Excellent! Send it to or just post a link here. Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what happened to that CD. I will continue looking for it. I have a comp of theier rarities that I put together (songs not on their various official comps) if you're interested in that.


Lloyd said...

Thanks for this! i too am a huge fan since the first time i heard it on our crappy am radio station here in portland. it shined thru the bad signal.
looking forward to hearing this. more roses is always better!