Thursday, May 17, 2007

Johnny Cash - Newport Folk Festival July 24, 1964

Oh, the joy of another Johhny Cash album for the friends of the Ape. What an amazing time it must have been in Summer of 1964. The immortal Cash at Newport and the Beatles coming for their first American tour two weeks later. Damn, born too late. Anyways, here is the ever-lovable Cash performing some of his greatest for the fine folks in the audience and we can close our eyes and pretend we were there.

1. Intro. By Pete Seeger - Big River
2. Folsom Prison Blues
3. I Still Miss Someone.
4. Rock Island Line
5. Dont Think Twice Its Alright
6. I Walk The Line
7. The Ballad Of Ira Hayes
8. Keep On The Sunny Side

Johnny Cash - Sun Demos & Outtakes

The gift of Johnny's great music continues unabated, eh? Had these for a while but don't recall their point of origin - so I automatically give thanks and praise to SFRP and Mokey Island becasue they are the best. Johnny's period of work at Sun Records stands out for me as the most enjoyable and inspired work of his long career. To be able to hear outtakes fromt hose days is a rare treat indeed - go forth and listen and share!

01 Wide open road
02 Rock & roll baby
03 You're my baby
04 Get rhythm
05 I walk the line
06 Train of love
07 One more ride
08 Folsom prison blues
09 Wide open road
10 Goodnight irene
11 My treasure
12 I love you because
13 Leave that junk
14 Country boy
15 Come in stranger
16 Oh lonesome me
17 You're the nearest thing to heaven
18 Don't make me go
19 Give my love to rose
20 The ways of a woman in love
21 Thanks a lot
22 Fools hall of fame
23 I just thought you'd like to know
24 I forgot to remember to forget
25 Always alone
26 The story of a broken heart

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DaddyRich said...

Newport Folk Festival -

Sun Demos & Outtakes -

Anonymous said...

what gems!
cheers, daddy.

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errie said...

A-MA-ZING!!. Rich dude you're the man!. Now this is what i called a damn nice post. Some good old Cash will always do. Keep them coming please. Again you made my day...

Anonymous said...

Could you re-upload the sun demos and outtakes, please. Thank You

foxy said...

Could you please repost "Johnny Cash - Newport Folk Festival July 24, 1964" - I'd be happy to trade a show in return. Thanks!