Thursday, May 17, 2007

Firehose/Minutemen Continued

With all due respect to the turd who wrote me to stick to outtakes and demos, I feel these bands need to be heard from and not much exists in the way of their rarities. I am hoping a few of you will go scour some used record stores and find yourselves some copies of these goodies at a less exorbitant amount than stores usually charge (and which artists see about 15 cents of...). Beginning with 'fromohio' , which shines with tracks like Mike Watt raging full on in 'What Gets Heard', interesting sounds from songs like 'Understanding' and you gotta love 'Riddle of the 80's'. If you enjoy yourself a dose of great Hurley and Watt sounds than you will not be disappointed.

Firehose - Fromohio

1. Riddle Of The Eighties
2. In My Mind
3. Whisperin' While Hollerin'
4. Vastopol
5. Mas Cojones
6. What Gets Heard
7. Let The Drummer Have Some
8. Liberty For Our Friend
9. Time With You
10. If'n
11. Some Things
12. Understanding
13. 'Nuf That Shit, George
14. The Softest Hammer

Firehose - Mr. Machinery Operator

This one was not treated too fairly upon arrival but has since been given the stamp of approval from everyone who's opinion I respect. The lovely "cooler-than-thou, I-was-there-way-back-when" eliticism that just kills punk rock was prevalent then with nearly all saying that it couldn't compare to the Minutemen and their glory days. Whatever, no shortage of dumbasses in the music press and music world in general. Especially awesome are 'Number 7' and 'Hell-Hole', although it's all worth the listen. Enjoy children!

1 Formal Introduction (3:40)
2 Blaze (3:35)
3 Herded into Pools (4:25)
4 Witness (5:35)
5 Number Seven (1:16)
6 Powerful Hankerin' (3:31)
7 Rocket Sled/Fuel Tank (3:29)
8 Quicksand (3:15)
9 Disciples of the 3-Way (2:55)
10 More Famous Quotes (1:28)
11 Sincerely (3:23)
12 Hell Hole (3:43)
13 4.29.92 (2:07)
14 Cliffs Thrown Down (3:12)

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DaddyRich said...

Fromohio -

Mr. Machinery Operator -

Anonymous said...

There seems to be only 6 songs on fromohio album, could you reupload these two album with all 14 songs.

P.S. I didn't check Mr. Machinery Operator yet, only Fromohio.

BTW, great music blog.

Hi from Zagreb, Croatia, Europe.

Anonymous said...

Same problem with Mr.Machinery Operator. It has only songs number 01,03,04,05,06.


Anonymous said...

i love this: "with all due respect to the turd..." salut, daddy

george hurley's story is the robert johnson myth updated

Benny said...

dang! the fIREHOSE links don't work. Do you have flyin' the flannel?