Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Trashcan Sinatras - Live at The Casbah in San Diego May 14, 2005

We already know of DaddyRich's craziness for the Trashcans, so no more elaboration is needed. Most bands on blogs I couldn't give a toss about them and thier royalty rates, blah blah blah. These guys, though..... much different story. Some of the most amazing and enjoyable music I have ever heard came from this band and I never cease to do what I can to support and promote them. They genuinely deserve all the good that comes their way in my humble opinion. This wonderful set of songs, performed just down the road a bit in beautiful, sunny San Diego (DaddyRich wil be out there in July (Again) for Comic-Con!!!) is another stellar performance. Because the quality of talent and performance are so high, every show is like a greatest-hits tour. Enough of my ramblings... listen and love. Then - go buy their stuff. I have bought many of their items and encourage all to do the same. Listen close for DaddyRich's favorites like 'How Can I Apply...?' and 'Obscurity Knocks'.

01 - got carried away
02 - how can i apply...?
03 - all the dark horses
04 - hayfever
05 - hammertime
06 - easy read > Freetime
07 - a coda
08 - prisons
09 - thegenius i was
10 - send for henny
11 - the safecracker
12 - obscurity knocks
13 - trouble sleeping
14 - i've seen everything
15 - weightlifting
16 - i'm immortal
17 - only tongue can tell
18 - one at a time

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Think they would appreciate this one-


DaddyRich said...

Disc 1 -

Disc 2 -

Todd said...

Let me know when you're coming to the comic-con. I'd love to say Hi! (and thanks in person)

DaddyRich said...

Todd, I plan on being there for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Just got the hotel room confirmation. Going to do our usual family excursions and work comic-con in as well. My oldest is going to flip seeing all that cool stuff.


Anonymous said...

alas, the link to the first cd of tcs live at the casbah has been deleted...

Steve Marine said...

Oh, I am SO sad the links are dead. I would love this. That was my birthday (May 14th) and they did an afternoon in-store gig at Fingerprints in Long Beach which I was at. I couldn't make it down to SD that night, so it would have been great to have heard this. Please, please, please repost!!!! (pretty please!) :)

tigris69 said...

all files not found, please reupload

Anonymous said...

A million thanks-was at this show.