Thursday, May 24, 2007

A message from DaddyRich

I was really hoping to share music here for one year and see how I still felt about it at the time and decide whether or not to continue. My e-mail and comments have been increasingly filled by trolls and their vague threats. As of yesterday, I have lost more than 250 albums that I uploaded and have shared with my friends here. Thats's over 100,000 unique downloads lost because someone has a hard-on for the RIAA. Maybe I should just take a hint. I anticipate more being lost tomorrow the way this whole thing seems to be heading. I will let this die down and return to the good fight here in a little while, but my enthusiasm has waned, as you could imagine. As always, I will be found lurking and sharing on the best boards and will always read messages from those I recognize, but I am done with 'Anonymous' people.


Anonymous said...

Not all 'Anonymous' people are bad! I appreciate and thank you for the files that I have d/l from you in the past. I check your site everyday.

I look forward to your return!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the good stuff. I've paid a lot over the years for CD's and it seems a shame that people feel that all downloading is evil. Last year I found some Betty Davis downloads and was introduced to her music. Just this month Betty's first two albums were released with her finally getting paid for it being on CD. Do you think any of these self rightous deleters bought any of her music? I doubt it and I paid $35 for two CD's that I downloaded for free last year.

Mr Lucky Doubles said...

Sorry to hear it. I always enjoy checking out what rare goody you've unearthed. What are the 'best boards' where I can still see what you're listening to?
Hope all else is well.

Anonymous said...

This is a shame! I also check your site daily, and have found many gems on here.

You don't CHARGE anyone and you are sharing. The argument that the artists are losing money doesn't hold any water.

Well, thank you, I hope to find you again.

Let us know what we can do to help, if there is anything


Anonymous said...

I'm another "anonymous" person who has found some great stuff on your site. Thanks for everything and good luck.

Anonymous said...

I too very much enjoy this site, and hope you return soon.

J. Sterling Ellison said...

And who could blame you? I'm new to this blog but I wanna thank you in advance for what you've done. Here's hoping you continue to fight the good fight.

Anonymous said...

victim of your own success, you must be doing something right in order to get up "their" noses.

people hate people who are successfull .

so ignore them losers and carry on.
capitol of vultures

Babs said...

Very sorry to hear about the vague threats.
Vague threats are bad!
You are GOOD!
I've enjoyed your generous labors
so much. Thank you!

With Sincere Gratitude,

Anonymous said...

Another anonymous here, I just don't have a google or blogger id. Acually I'm mark a..I've been checking out your site for a few months and have been spending hard earned cash for music and related items since the mid 70's. Too bad the deleters don't realize that people will always share music they love...(hey assholes, come delete the mixtapes I've been making and givng to my friends for 30 years). Your site is/was great and you have excellent tastes in music. This was clearly a labor of love for you, and somehow I don't think "love" figures in to what those who would threaten you do. Thank you so much for everything you've put up and all you've written. This site was one in a million, from the name to the content, it's all class (another word "they" con't relate to). Thanks once more from a REAL music lover like yourself...

Anonymous said...


explodingboy said...

thanks for all your hard work and while i hope you don't give it all up i understnad why you might want to. Whatever you decide thanks again for some great sutff. Most of the stuff i've got from you has been stuff that hasn't ever hit a commerical release so frankly i can't see what the trolls get out of it. have a nice break.

Anonymous said...

hang in there, daddy, you are doing important cultural work. times like this i always think of what tony newley said to me the first time we met(he said "who the fuck are you?")
an i feel better. cheers, mate

DaddyRich said...

Thanks everyone for the great comment (even some fo you nice 'anonymous' folks. I am missing even more stuff now from Rapidshare, so apparently I have pissed someone off. A good deal of my one's that aren't there anymore include unreleased and bootleg stuff that no record company or artist gets a dime from so it's a personal vendetta of sorts, I would guess. I will keep floating around here and am considering a members blog or somesuch thing to keep away the trolls. I will update ehre and let you all know. Again, many thanks for the kindenss.

Carl said...

i'm very disappointed... Thank you so much for the downloads i got from you.

Anonymous said...

Another anonymous here to say "thanks" for your efforts and the great music. I have one solution for your problem--"sharebee" Upload your file(s) and sharebee distributes them to at least four other sites...Fight the good fight, never give in.....

Rah said...

I am more than willing to be part of a responsive circle of repostings; I'm sure many of the regulars here would be happy to forward reupload links to you or post them directly to a membership blog.

Either way, I urge you to continue sharing your love & lore of music by writing about what you've collected. Your voice has made me listen to music I might have passed by on my own; after some decades of listening, I often find it's too easy to play through what I already know by heart.

Sharing always renews interest. I want you to know that, to choose a single example, you have made me bring new ears to Bowie for the first time in years. So, like, thanks for that. And please see to it that regulars can find anything you want to rattle on about. Also I would like a pony.

Anonymous said...

Another "Anonymous" who just bookmarked your site fairly recently -- you have a GREAT site, and SUPERB taste. Should you choose to go private, please let me know. BTW, for all the RIAA types -- most of the music I download I've bought at least TWICE already. A site like this clues me into more music I should BUY.
Steve Cape Cod

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah ... I'd like a pony too.

Kristen R. said...

Such a shame! With the advent of the internet + digital music, I find myself discovering exciting new artists all the time. This translates into me buying more music than I ever have before. Damn you, nay-saying whistle blowers!

And yet for every one on the 'net that's "caught", another pops up to keep it all going.

Long live "Ape Shall Never Kill Ape"!!!

Toothwaste said...

Tough luck.
Don´t ever think all your effort go unapreciated!

See you on the island of misfit toys...


Anonymous said...

cheer up friend,ur effort is appreciated,not every anonymous are bad people!no one is obligatted to download ur music.! the ones who shares the passion for good music knows wat i talkin bout!,keep on the good work!

Axiomatic.Apricot said...

Thanks, man.

Nothin' I can say someone else hasn't already, but I'll say this anyhow:

You were screwed. Fuck the RIAA.

. a . a .

Bats said...

An interesting article which I wish was a little more "meaty". But I thought of you. I love your site and work you've done, whatever you decide, good luck. I've discovered and rediscovered bands on some of these sites and have bought more music this past year than I did in the last ten. I have about 10,000 lps, so have no need to search for music if I don't want to. Radio stations certainly don't compel me to buy anything. I'm glad I discovered Porcupine Tree on blogs, love them.
Went to their show and bought their new cd. Not one station here plays their music.

Net Native: Music to our ARRRS
Sure, pirating songs off the Internet is illegal, but music execs need to see that this is a populist rebellion

Jack Sparrow may be a pirate -- but he is so cool.

Just look at that hair. The beard. Twisted just so. That perfect, yet somehow masculine splash of eyeliner. Pirates are bad. But only to the whiny white-wigged officers whose petty, self-interested laws they so heartily trample. Something about their unanchored freedom, their irreverence for rules, is enviable, captivating -- downright awesome.

Where's the popcorn? These are criminals we can root for.

Today, the term "pirate" is applied to those who commit another, more modern kind of crime: illegal Internet downloading.

This is not a coincidence. Savvy?

Once again, we're talking about a stodgy institution, laws people find overly restrictive, a band of scallywags who risk the gallows to swashbuckle their way to the booty and an audience that's cheering them on. Or, at least, not going out of our way to stop them.

We wouldn't plunder music files ourselves, most of us -- oh, no. But deep down in our tune-loving souls, we who have plucked from iTunes and eMusic, we who carry iPods or Zunes or Sansas, we who walk around with wires in our ears and smiles on our faces -- we are downright grateful that these pirates exist.

Because if they didn't -- if they hadn't -- all music would still be caught in $20 cellophane, gasping for breath. We'd be getting whole albums just for one good song. And as for trying tunes before we buy -- ha! What do we think this is? A shoe store?

It's thanks to the emergence and continued resistance of online pirates that we have the musical freedoms we enjoy today -- with more on the horizon. Sure, music would have moved online eventually, but you can bet ol' Cap'n Napster sped things up.

I can't think of any other crime in the past 50 years that so improved things for consumers.

So record companies, wake up.

Slapping the cabin boy with a ridiculous thousand-dollar fine will set an example, but it won't change a culture. They'll keep coming, just like Blubster, Ares, Kazaa and Glokster sprang from the ashes of the first Napster, their fallen comrade. Besides, the bully tactic makes you look bad, putting the law above the people. Kind of like whiny white-wigged officials.

Well, boo.

This is no rogue band of crooks you're after, no scary societal menace. This is a movement. A deeply entrenched populist rebellion. It won't be easy to crush. I'm not sure that many people want you to.

Illegally obtained music files reside in 7 million U.S. households, according to the industry, with college students responsible for 1.3 billion downloads in 2006. It's so hot, even some companies are doing it. In Sweden, one (aptly titled Pirate Bay) has more than 5 million active users, operates in broad daylight and is pushing a service in which users could download to their hearts' content for a fee of their choosing.

Illegal downloading not only exists -- it thrives, me mateys. Arrr.

But forget the faraway stuff. I know people -- lots of people -- who download illegally. One is an attorney. Another is studying to be an attorney -- in media law. I know people who stopped downloading -- bless them -- but rock out to iPod playlists that are two parts bought, eight parts pillaged.

I'm not about to turn them in.

It's really very simple. If everyone actually saw downloading as a serious crime, "songlifters" wouldn't have so many friends.

According to a 2005 survey, more people consider parking in a fire lane a serious crime.

When pressed, illegal downloaders give several justifications, none of them good. But each contributes to a culture of tolerance -- with just the tiniest hint of glorification.

First, pirates don't just steal. They share. Every kindergartener knows that's a good thing. Second, there's a noble Robin Hood element in taking from the rich industry and giving to the poor music fan -- not to mention a sexy stand against The Man.

Which brings us to the question of victimhood. Is it the artist? Depends. Many think they benefit from the exposure. So is it the record companies? Technically, yes. They're the ones losing all the money. But it's hard to feel bad for millionaire executives whose product line never goes out of style. The industry is more than a room full of sharply dressed execs on the 99th floor, but that's all that we see, so it's all that matters.

I was a hungry, slightly nerdy junior in high school the day everything changed. I walked into the cafeteria to see a friend handing out CDs scribbled with black marker. He had Napster and a burner. That day, he was Jack Sparrow. The coolest kid in school.

So far, pirates have pushed the music industry to give consumers more control, more selection, more freedom. And now the movement they spawned is making digital-rights management protection walk the plank. Last week, Amazon announced the launch of an online music store that will sell only unprotected music files.

If the pirates stop raiding, will the industry stop changing?

Godspeed, record companies. Jack and his crew have the wind at their sails, and they're heading straight for you.

And watch out for those wigs. I hear they're itchy.

P-I reporter Mónica Guzmán can be reached at 206-448-8381 or

chawkc said...

I have enjoyed your blog and the music you have shared Daddyrich. These people that are screwing it for you and the rest of us are assholes. Thank you for sharing, I and all the real music lovers will miss you. Hopefully i'll be able to find you when you return. Thanks again.

Bucephalus said...

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Anonymous said...

No good deed goes unpunished! Thanks for all your good work here. :)

the KIDD said...

Big Daddy,I know you are leaving,for bigger and better things!!! Any chance for one request!!! If you could re:post the Bowie Lou Reed??? I hope,better days are comeing your way!!!Thanks,for your hard work,great music!!! Good luck you big APE!!!

B. Livingston said...

Daddy - Thanks for the introduction to some great music. Never knew I liked Cash so much. Can you recommend an interesting Ben Franklin biography? I'd like to read more about one of the most brilliant American minds this summer.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your great posts in the past. Sorry to see ANOTHER good blog go but I'm sure everyone who d/l'ed from this site will continue to share your hard work and impeccable musical taste. To all deleters, RIAA buttlickers and eBay collectible profiteers: you can't stop the revolution so either get out of the way or be assimilated! As I jokingly like to say... "illegal downloading is killing home taping"!