Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Police - Ghost In The Studio (Ghost In The Machine Demos)

Ok, so everyone is as excited and exasperated that The Police are back together (at least for a tour) as DaddyRich is, correct? What a great sound they had, it's too bad they couldn't get along better at the height of their acclaim. But, sometimes it appears that some bands just have too much individual talent to remain a group for too long - certainly the case with these boys. Too much talent pulling in too many directions. I have searched long and hard for Police demos and rarities and have so far only struck a marginal amount of gold and this may well be the only album of demos I have seen thus far. Truly not too many white bands made reggae sound so sweet. I am sure (as with every band's fanatical fans) that their is some online trading (music snobs) group that will gladly hook us all up with the choicest demos and rarities as long as weprovide them with some Police rarities they don't already have and we will be forbidden to transfer said gems into the ghetto-format mp3 file extension. Screw that, no matter what I get I want to share and will not require someone to have to give me something I don't already have in return. What a world. Anyways - pop this disc in and enjoy my friends. Rock/Reggae has rarely ever sounded so good.

01 Secret journey
02 Spirits in the material world
03 Invisible sun
04 Too much information
05 one world (not three)
06 Hungry for you
07 Invisible sun
08 Secret journey
09 Don´t belive in me baby
10 Don´t think we could ever be friends
11 Don´t look at me
12 It´s never too late
13 Daytime job

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DaddyRich said...

Brues said...

Good for you, DR.
These are the songs I always wanted to hear 'raw' anyway. Ghost was always a bit too over-produced, yet most of the songs were amongst their strongest pieces.

I'm looking forward to this. Thanks.

sul said...

great to have you back - hope you are as ok as can be . and of course thanks for another great post!

Anonymous said...

Thanks DR. Synchronicity was the first album I ever bought (eh, on 14th birthday...1984!!) and I've been a fan of all of the Police's work ever since (and some..not all...of Sting's solo material).

Regardless, thanks for this. I'm looking forward to hearing it. :)

Anonymous said...

Great to have you back, DR! You've got one of the coolest spots on the 'net. Thanks...


Anonymous said...

Hey! I hate the Police. Can't stand them at all. But I love your comments about online file sharing groups and the bad publicity surrounding mp3.

You don't have this in flac, do ya?

Only joking.

Spy 1969 said...

Ahhhh, The Police demos very good post.

:) Spy 1969

errie said...

Thnx for this demo DR, another great add to my Police collection. What a great band this is!..

By the way....welcome back old fart...

Anonymous said...

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