Sunday, March 04, 2007

DaddyRich has returned for a bit. I am still going through hell with doctors and testing and worst of all - insurance company. I hope to post regularly again since there aren't too many tests left. But I can't keep up with the way I used to do this at something like 3 posts a day or even 10 a week. But I will do my best and keep my eyes open for anything cool to share with you all. Thanks for all the kind words and thoughts, friends. Let's get to some sharing!



JJ said...

great to have you back

hope you feel well soon

Dose808 said...

Great to see you back....I hope that you are ok. I feel ya on the insurance companies....

Anonymous said...

welcome back!

Take it easy now will ya?

like a smooth reggae riddim...

like the greensleeves 12 inches series :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for checking in. Good to hear from you. I and others wish you health and good vibes. Don't let them get you down, put on a disc and forget about all of that.
Thanks for all of the shares.

Tbag said...

Welcome back. I know I don't have anything as cool as DR can get, but I'm going to start putting up more shares in memory of Ben Franklin.

Anonymous said...

Hope ya feel better soon

Anonymous said...

welcome back chief.

may the trolls overlook your treasure trove of audio love.

hope the fates smile upon you.
can't mention how many wonderful posts of the past have livened up my everyday routines.



Anonymous said...

Welcome back DR! Glad to see you're still among the living. ;)

Anonymous said...

come join in we want people like you.
glad your a lot better mate.

Anonymous said...

Be well, Sir!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, DR!

i realy miss you... thanks for sharing your music with us,

take care!