Wednesday, February 21, 2007

When The Wind Blows - Original Soundtrack Album

Here's one you don't see too often and I can't quite remember where I found it - so automatically I give thanks to SFRP, just as a precaution. Since most awesome mp3's come from those fine folks. The talents employed on the songs here is just breathtaking - Squeeze, Roger Waters, Genesis and David Bowie. Damn, that's a nice line-up. I have not had the pleasure of seeing the film and it looks pretty darned hard to come by over here in the U. S. of A. so I may have to wait a while. It sounds quite good actually and I will keep my eyes open for it. Just listen and enjoy, children.

1. When The Wind Blows
2. Facts And Figures
3. The Brazilian
4. What Have They Done?
5. The Shuffle
6. The Russian Missile
7. Towers Of Faith
8. Hilda's Dream
9. The American Bomber
10. The Anderson Shelter
11. The British Submarine
12. The Attack
13. The Fallout
14. Hilda's Hair
15. Folded Flags

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DaddyRich said...

alais71 said...

Hey daddy rich, glad to see you up again, slow and sure is the way to do it, I saw this film a way back, I wanna say nightflight or the bravo channel.It was good but bittersweet film about an older couple in England(on the cover) and how they deal with a nuclear attack and how they handle they fallout..sorry no I think you posted some monkees,maybe their headquaters seession you might feel much better ;)

the KIDD said...

I've heard of the film,for some reason I thought it was a childrens movie.Thanks for the soundtrack,very interesting.I hope there are better days coming for you daddyrich,we all love what you do here!!!

ditchild said...

Wow! Looks like I just missed this one. Is there anyway you could re-up this. Please and thanks.

Cygnet Committee said...

I missed it!! Damn.
I remember seeing this movie as a kid. At the time I could see it is really not meant for kids but maybe for older children to adults. I had this soundtrack but lost it...

Anonymous said...

Any chance of getting a re-up of "When the Wind Blows?" You took a brief leave of absence so I stopped checking the blog regularly and missed it!

Anonymous said...

any chance you could re-up the live with lou album? my old man would get a kick out of it big time

tahnks alot, great page

winston said...

might be a few seconds at the start missing but this will not affect whole experience in anyway, its a beautiful but immensly sad film that has lost none of its power or relevence... war is no good people!!

Anonymous said...

Could you please re-up this one? I would love to hear the score to this brilliant film.