Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Peter Tosh - Equal Rights-era demos

Wooooooooord. Ah yes, the mighty Steppin’ Razor himself - Peter Tosh. Demos from his landmark ‘Equal Rights’ album that still gets much rotation on DaddyRich Radio. This one is especially precious to me for it’s presence of ‘Babylon Queendom’, which ranks very high on my all-time Tosh recordings list. Hope you all enjoy as well.

1. 400 years

2. Hammer

3. Jam A Inna Jam Down

4. Vampire

5. Babylon Queendom

6. Can’t Blame the Youth

7. Mark of the Beast

8. Get Up, Stand Up


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Daddy Rich said...

here ya go...

KhangKhong said...

Big thanks for the Tosh man! Loooove the Vampire :)

Anonymous said...

thanks - so good to see you alive again

Douglas Stratton said...

Unreal!! Anything like this you have keep putting it up! More Demo's please... It's been played 100 times on my ipod. Real reggae roots with sly and Robbie on the cut with some of these songs... Couldn't ask for more.. Please keep post more roots! You didn't lie when you said how good Babylon Queendom was!

YOU HAVE ME GLUED.. great name by the way..." Ape shall never Kill Ape

Anonymous said...

Many and sincere thanks!

Tadeu said...

como q faz pa baxa?