Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Stone Temple Pilots - Unreleased and Outtakes

Anyone who is remotely near DaddyRich's age (ancient) can recall first hearing these fine fellows first when MTv started playing 'Sex-Type Thing' in heavy rotation way back when. I always liked and still do like that song but they seemed to me to fall in the cracks of what was then and now (sadly) called 'Grunge' (cringe). I am sure that a few people in and around San Diego saw some potential is the then-named Mighty Joe Young and their brilliantly talented rhythm section and freaky singer. But it wasn't until the release of 'Purple' that, to me, it seemed these cats had put it all together and I began my internal countdown that begins ticking when an immensely talented group with a freaky-talented singer comes to my notice. I gave them about 2 years before I figured they would break up and be done and not heard from, again until MTv decided to release a various artists kind of "remember-the-90's 2 disc set". I may have been off by a bit and gladly so, my friends. After dalliances with other bands, and having varying degrees of success they have decided to reunite and, oh, it truly feels so good. Doesn't it? Here for todays helping of goodness is a collection of outtakes and unreleased songs dating from the late 90's to their last studio offering and contains some worthy gems for your esteemed ears. To my (albeit limited) knowledge these slabs have not seen release, official or otherwise as a collection. As always, share this stuff folks and you know DaddyRich welcomes any friends offering wisdom on these cuts if they have it. We are willing to learn and credit will be given. Peace.

Studio Outtakes -

Contains, to my knowledge, untitled tracks and little jams.

Unreleased Stuff -

Culled mainly from sessions for the "No. 4" and "Shang-Ri-La-Dee-Da" albums and are quite tasty.

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Daddy Rich said...
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Daddy Rich said...

Whoa, disregard earlier links - these are good

Unreleased -

Outtakes -

Christopher said...

You're back and, again, the world is a better place! Great post, as usual. Thanks

Maxi said...

Cheers for this one boss.:)

Toothwaste said...

Welcome back old man,
good ol days are always welcome!!
Thank YOU!

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