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The Clash - The Vanilla Tapes (2 Disc set of early 'London Calling' tracks)

Been a while since DaddyRich was here to post and I do apologize for the delay. There was a bit of heat on at the time and I decided to lay back in the cut and wait it out. Hopefully the time is ripe again for the sharing of the jams. I, along with SO many of my friends, wish that recording equipment had advanced to it's present state a long time ago. That way many of the best bands would leave behind crystal-clear recording sessions and not the jumbled mess of clicks and tape hiss that we have all had to become adjusted to when we find a treasure from one of our favorite bands, like The Clash. I have very many rarities and demo collections from the seminal band that changed popular music forever, as well as the life of one Mr. DaddyRich....but I digress. This is one of the better sounding collections of early album tracks and unpolished versions of soon-to-be classic songs that graced the immortal 'London Calling'. And it has a wonderful back-story, to boot..... culled from Wikipedia.

"The Vanilla Tapes were demo tracks recorded by the English punk band The Clash -- in essence, an early version of their album London Calling (although the track Remote Control was a song from the band's first album). Roadie Johnny Green was to deliver the tapes to the band's new producer, Guy Stevens; Green fell asleep on the train ride to the studio. Waking up at the station where he was to disembark, he panicked, and in his rush left the tapes behind. After that, the tapes were considered lost until March 2004, when Clash guitarist Mick Jones was moving boxes and came upon a copy of the tape."

There is reported to be a 37 track completist edition of this floating around the world between some discerning (read as snooty and greedy) collectors and I continue my valiant search and will bring results here, of course. Until then, my dear friends, please enjoy the gestational classic 'London Calling - The Vanilla Tapes'

1. "Hateful"
2. "Rudie Can't Fail"
3. "Paul's Tune" (Paul Simonon)
4. "I'm Not Down"
5. "Four Horsemen"
6. "Koka Kola"
7. "Death or Glory"
8. "Lover's Rock"
9. "Lonesome Me" (The Clash)
10. "Jimmy Jazz"
11. "Lost in the Supermarket"
12. "Up-Toon" (instrumental)
13. "Walking the Slidewalk" (The Clash)
14. "Where You Gonna Go (Soweto)" (The Clash)
15. "The Man in Me" (Bob Dylan)
16. "Remote Control"
17. "Working and Waiting"
18. "Heart and Mind" (The Clash)
19. "Brand New Cadillac" (Vince Taylor)
20. "London Calling"
21. "Revolution Rock" (J. Edwards, D. Ray)

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Daddy Rich said...

Disc 1 - http://lix.in/-36b845

Disc 2 - http://lix.in/-32246c

Adam said...

Both links go to disc 1. Thanks!

Daddy Rich said...

Also, here's a fresh link for Disc 2 -

Adam said...

Perfect! Thanks!

derek said...

I never knew these existed. Thank you very much. Del

Anonymous said...

Many thanks

Anonymous said...

welcome back daddy-o, and many thanks!

¡Mateo es así! said...

A belated welcome back. Thanks for these

Anonymous said...

Daddy Rich..
Thank you soooooo much :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Daddy, welcome back, and as the only way to say thanks is, in the words of the immortal Gang of Four, "Return the Gift", here ya go - more Clash studio demos!

Clash - 1983 - Out Of Control studio demos
Strummer, Simonon, Sheppard, Howard
(Excellent studio mp3 @ 224 with covers and text)

01 - We are the Clash
02 - In the Pouring Rain
03 - Glue Zombie
04 - Jericho/Ammunition
05 - National Powder
06 - Are you ready for war?
07 - Galleani
08 - This is England
09 - Rock'n'Roll City
10 - The Dictator
11 - Out of Control
12 - Sex Mad war
13 - Backwoods Drive
14 - Three Card Trick


Enjoy! Cheers, Dave Sez.

Anonymous said...

And while we're at it, you may not have this, Strummer's first group:

101ers - Elgin Avenue Breakdown, studio and live 1975-76

Joe Strummer/Jimmy Jazz/Woody (John Graham Mellor): rhythm guitar/vocals, later in the Clash
Clive Timperley: lead guitar/vocals, later in the Passions
Dan Kelleher: guitar (1975)/bass (after Jan 1976)/vocals, later in the Martian Schoolgirls
‘Mole’: bass (until Jan 1976)
Richard Dudanski: drums, later in the Raincoats and Public Image Limited

1. Letsagetabitarockin
2. Silent Telephone
3. Keys To Your Heart (ver.1)
4. Rabies (From The Dogs Of Love)
5. Sweet Revenge
6. Motor Boys Motor
7. Steamgauge '99
8. 5 Star R'n'R Petrol
9. Surf City
10. Keys To Your Heart (vers.2)
11. Sweety Of The St Moritz
12. Hideaway
13. Shake Your Hips (live)
14. Lonely Mother's Son (live) aka Jail Guitar Doors
15. Don't Let It Go (live)
16. Keep Taking The Tablets (live)
17. Junco Partner (live) later Clash track
18. Out Of Time (live)
19. Maybelline (live)
20. Gloria (live)


Cheers, Dave Sez.

Anonymous said...

And again whilst we're at it, the so-called "unreleased" track Heart and Mind from the Vanilla Tapes is in fact a 1979 re-recording of the 101ers' first single Keys to Your Heart, included on the above 101ers post ...

Cheers, Dave Sez.

DeadinMotion said...

Gracias, guey.