Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Bob Marley & The Wailers - Natty Dread Demos (1974)

Oh to be hearing a classic album by a genius in it's early stages. This is the stuff DaddyRich lives for....sigh. The sound quality on this collection is absolutely superb as well. Here are alternate versions and some rootsy dubs of jams all of us reggae-heads know so very well. Some of these songs saw the light of day in the early 1990's on 'Talking Blues' collection of tracks live from a KSAN show that stands as one of my all-time favorites still. Others are heard here and only available on this compendium of Rastafarian Rootsiness. Yum. Enjoy, my good friends, enjoy!

Track list:

Disc 1

01 Roadblock-Dub
02 So Jah Seh
03 Natty Dread
04 Roadblock-Dub #2
05 Am A Do-Demo #2
06 Am A Do-Alt #2
07 Revolution-Demo #2
08 Them Belly Full-Dub
09 Roadblock-Dub #3
10 Natty Dread #3

Disc 2

11 Lively Up Yourself-alt
12 Am A Do-Dub
13 No Woman, No Cry-alt
14 Them Belly Full-Demo
15 Roadblock-alt
16 Iron Lion Zion-Original
17 Am A Do-Alt
18 Am A Do-Demo
19 Talkin' Blues-Original
20 Revolution-Demo

Links in comments


Daddy Rich said...

Disc 1 - http://lix.in/-3531b8

Disc 2 - http://lix.in/-2a835b

Daddy Rich said...

More working links.

Disc 1 - http://lix.in/-2a894b

Disc 2 - http://lix.in/-30a3cf

lemonflag said...

Welcome back!
Thanks for these links.

JC from NZ said...

Thanks Daddy-O for these two gems,been wistfully checking your site for signs of life.

Anonymous said...

tartanman here again,

good to see you back. i have some rare-ish live wailers if u want 'em:
06-24-76 Devon UK
10-19-73 San Francisco
May 24, 1973 - Paris Theatre
Oct 31, 1973 - Sausillito, KSAN B'dcast

Jobe said...

Glad to see your back!!!

funkymf said...

Magic stuff - thanks alot

Anonymous said...

Irie, Big Daddy! I, too, have been occasionally perusing your site for signs of life. Your exquisite taste in musical gems and piquant prose have indeed been missed from the interwebs!

Anonymous said...

Hey Daddy Rich,
Could you please post Excess Moderation By the Squeeze? I would really appreciate it! Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

Just like my dad... disappear for a while and then pop back in without any notice....

Welcome back!!!

Anonymous said...

Daddy Rich... :) I was looking forward to downloading the Natty Dread Demos (Bob Marley) but the links lead to the files for the Clash Vanilla Tapes..

any chance of a repost of the Marley links?

Thanks in advance.. and good to see you back.. haven't checked out your blog in a while. :)

Anonymous said...

Daddy Rich - pls ignore my request / comment regarding links for Natty Dread demos... my mistake, I was being a 'tard and pasting the wrong URLs into my browser.

Sorry.. carry on.. nothing to see here... ;)

Custom D said...

Welcome Back!

Or rather, thanks for welcoming us back. I've been checking back in every few months hoping for more insanely rare stuff, particularly a reposting of the VU acetate and/or the VU bootleg series.

When you have the time and the will, j'apreesh.

Anonymous said...

Mil gracias!

Buen suerte!

El Jefe!

Anonymous said...

Just come across your blog.Wow, some fantastic stuff that will keep me entertained for hours. Many Thanks.

Anonymous said...

tanxs for the bob marley the greater sing and poet live forever love jah

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Could you re-up the tool early demos you originally had here:



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Ben said...

Very cool Stuff. But what is the Pass for all that. Cannot find ONE!!!
Zhanks from Ben!

Zer0_II said...


I'm not sure if you check your comments, but I was wondering if you are doing okay, and if there is any chance of you returning. Please leave a message on my blog if you see this. Take care.