Monday, March 05, 2007

Greensleeves Finale

Finally! Discs 12, 13 & 14 of the ultimate roots reggae.

GREENSLEEVES 12” part 12
Soundman Clash - Carlton Livingston
100 Weight Of Collie Weed -Carlton Livingston
Pass the Tu-Sheng-Peng - Frankie Paul
War Is In The Dance - Frankie Paul
Herbcutter / Herbsmoker Dub - Carlton Livingston
Pain A Back - Scion Success
Can't Leave Jah Alone - Scion Success
Trappers - Tetrack
One In A Million - Half Pint
Do Good - Frankie Paul

GREENSLEEVES 12” part 13
Boom Shack A Lack - Junior Reid
Bam Bam - Cocoa Tea
Police Peggy (Informer) - Little John
She No Ready - Little John
Get Out Of My Life - Frankie Jones 9:05
Ghost Rider - Squeechie Nice
Freedom Fighter - Half Pint
Hold On - Half Pint
Let Off Supm (Original Mix) - Gregory Isaacs & Dennis Brown
Hog In Minty - Nitty Gritty

GREENSLEEVES 12” part 14
Run Down The World - Nittty Gritty
Jack Slick - Junior Murvin
Trouble Again - King Kong
Me Lover - Tonto Irie
Rockers Non Stop - Junior Delgado
No Good Girl Gregory Isaacs
It's Not Unusual (Alternative Vocal Mix) - Bunny Lie Lie
It's Not Unusual - Bunny Lie Lie
Trickster - Johnny Osbourne
To The Foundation - Dennis Brown & Cocoa Tea
Oil Ting - Cocoa Tea

Thanks to the many who left kind comments and thanks for this great set - share with all your reggae-lovin' friends.

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Bob Marley & The Wailers - Burnin '(Deluxe 2 Disc Edition)

I try my best not to put albums up here that are easily available in stores, but this one has proven a bit elusive in stores for friends of the Ape - and we all know DaddyRich will provide when he can. Especially if it's some classic reggae, right? This one contains the classic album by itself on disc one and the legendary Leeds concert in 1973 that shows the band in mighty fine form - that was once only available as an inferior-quality bootleg. Although it may seem a little downbeat at times (throughout, basically) it has stood the test of time and contains the zenith of the magic triumvirate's song skills (Marley, Tosh & Livingston, for those who don't know) - just look at the track listing, my friends and marvel at the collection of classics; 'Burnin' & Lootin'' , 'Small Axe', 'Rastaman Chant', 'Get Up, Stand Up', 'Duppy Conqueror'.....Wow.


1. Get Up, Stand Up
2. Hallelujah Time
3. I Shot The Sheriff
4. Burnin' And Lootin'
5. Put It On
6. Small Axe
7. Pass It On
8. Duppy Conqueror
9. One Foundation
10. Rasta Man Chant
11. Reincarnated Souls
12. No Sympathy
13. Opressed Song, The
14. Get Up, Stand Up
15. Get Up, Stand Up


1. Duppy Conqueror
2. Slave Driver
3. Burnin' And Lootin'
4. Can't Blame The Youth
5. Stop The Rain
6. Midnight Ravers
7. No More Trouble
8. Kinky Reggae
9. Get Up, Stand Up
10. Stir It Up
11. Put It On
12. Lively Up Yourself

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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Marvin Gaye - Live At The Copa Cabana Club 1967

Since the kind folks at SFRP have been augmenting my Marvin collection as of late, I feel I can make an honest run of a mess of his albums and rarities here. I have had a few for years but now have enough to satisfy the collector of this amazing mans music. Apparently Motown stars had been performing regular, sold-out gigs at the Copa and a few released well-received live albums recorded there. Marvin did as well but for some reason (can anyone say Barry Gordy?) his performance was shelved for almost 40 years! Damn. This was just before Marvin had his public problems with Mr. Gordy and decided he needed to have more of a hand in his music and produced 'What's Going On' and 'Let's Get It On' soon after. Oh what a sweet voice and sensitive soul - much too bad about that cocaine habit. We miss you and love you Marvin.

"Introduction/I Concentrate on You"
"Just in Time"
"How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)"
"Motown Medley 1"
"Laia Ladaia (Reza)"
"Georgia Rose"
"The Song Is You"
"Ain't That Peculiar"
"Every Once in a While"
"The Shadow of Your Smile"
"Night Song"
"Pride & Joy"
"This Could Be the Start of Something Big"
"Strangers in the Night"
"Introduction of Orchestra"
"Who Can I Turn To (When Nobody Needs Me)"
"Motown Medley 2"

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Beck - Live At KCRW October 4, 2006

Another Beck post - yes. Despite the things I hear and read about him as a person, he makes wonderful music. And besides, none of us are always perfectly likeable people all the time, so I give him a break that he has earned from the sheer merit of his great songs. This last album 'The Information', although it was not quite as catchy as 'Guero' is something that continues to grow upon me with each listen. So, lucky for us all, Beck showed up to the amazing 'Morning Becomes Eclectic' show at KCRW and performed with his band and did a bit of talking as well. Put this one on and enjoy.

03.Cell Phone's Dead
04.No Complaints
05.Movie Theme
06.=Interview With Nic=
07.We Dance Alone
09.Dark Star
10.Strange Apparition
11.Think I'm In Love

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DaddyRich has returned for a bit. I am still going through hell with doctors and testing and worst of all - insurance company. I hope to post regularly again since there aren't too many tests left. But I can't keep up with the way I used to do this at something like 3 posts a day or even 10 a week. But I will do my best and keep my eyes open for anything cool to share with you all. Thanks for all the kind words and thoughts, friends. Let's get to some sharing!


Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Police - Ghost In The Studio (Ghost In The Machine Demos)

Ok, so everyone is as excited and exasperated that The Police are back together (at least for a tour) as DaddyRich is, correct? What a great sound they had, it's too bad they couldn't get along better at the height of their acclaim. But, sometimes it appears that some bands just have too much individual talent to remain a group for too long - certainly the case with these boys. Too much talent pulling in too many directions. I have searched long and hard for Police demos and rarities and have so far only struck a marginal amount of gold and this may well be the only album of demos I have seen thus far. Truly not too many white bands made reggae sound so sweet. I am sure (as with every band's fanatical fans) that their is some online trading (music snobs) group that will gladly hook us all up with the choicest demos and rarities as long as weprovide them with some Police rarities they don't already have and we will be forbidden to transfer said gems into the ghetto-format mp3 file extension. Screw that, no matter what I get I want to share and will not require someone to have to give me something I don't already have in return. What a world. Anyways - pop this disc in and enjoy my friends. Rock/Reggae has rarely ever sounded so good.

01 Secret journey
02 Spirits in the material world
03 Invisible sun
04 Too much information
05 one world (not three)
06 Hungry for you
07 Invisible sun
08 Secret journey
09 Don´t belive in me baby
10 Don´t think we could ever be friends
11 Don´t look at me
12 It´s never too late
13 Daytime job

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