Wednesday, May 30, 2007

And so it goes...

My good friends it is with a heavy heart and tired mind that I write this. The deletions due to trolls are continuing and now I have received several threatening legal notices (for unreleased material) that are forcing me to close up shop. How do the other guys get away with sharing for longer than this? All of your kind words and support are greatly appreciated on this end. It's a tough one-man operation to keep up for long so I am glad that I made it this far. But I have a family and cannot fight the system on this if they decide to hound me and so I lay down my sword , before I am hoist upon it. In the future (when all is well...) I will be looking toward a more community-oriented organization (much like one's I have mentioned previously) and should something new turn up I hope you all will keep your blogger accounts open so I can notify you. Again, many thanks for the good words and sharing. So, please get them all while you can and enjoy. For me, it's time to devote more time to study and scholarship. Like I once said , "The greatest sevice we can do for the deity is help our fellow man."

Thursday, May 24, 2007

A message from DaddyRich

I was really hoping to share music here for one year and see how I still felt about it at the time and decide whether or not to continue. My e-mail and comments have been increasingly filled by trolls and their vague threats. As of yesterday, I have lost more than 250 albums that I uploaded and have shared with my friends here. Thats's over 100,000 unique downloads lost because someone has a hard-on for the RIAA. Maybe I should just take a hint. I anticipate more being lost tomorrow the way this whole thing seems to be heading. I will let this die down and return to the good fight here in a little while, but my enthusiasm has waned, as you could imagine. As always, I will be found lurking and sharing on the best boards and will always read messages from those I recognize, but I am done with 'Anonymous' people.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

New York Dolls - First & Second Demo Sessions

The always over-the-top and enjoyable New York Dolls in their infancy (as it were). Growing up in the late 70's and 80's as I did, my first exposure to anything New York Dolls-Related was David Johansen as Buster Poindexter. You can imagine my surprise when I found he was the front-man for this seminal New York punk outfit. Pleasently surprised, I might say. We already are familiar with my addiction to all things demo, outtake and rartity related so here you go, kids - hope you enjoy. Word on the street is the band is back touring, I suggest you all go out and buy some tickets and merchandise and give these hard-working fellas some money for more make-up and nail polish - I sure will when they come to So. Cal.

1. Bad Girl
2. Looking For A Kiss
3. Don't Start Me Talking
4. Don't Mess With Cupid
5. Human Being
6. Personality Crisis
7. Pills
8. Jet Boy
9. Frankenstein

1. Personality Crisis
2. Looking For A Kiss
3. Bad Girl
4. Subway Train

Johnny Cash - Newport Folk Festival July 24, 1964

Oh, the joy of another Johhny Cash album for the friends of the Ape. What an amazing time it must have been in Summer of 1964. The immortal Cash at Newport and the Beatles coming for their first American tour two weeks later. Damn, born too late. Anyways, here is the ever-lovable Cash performing some of his greatest for the fine folks in the audience and we can close our eyes and pretend we were there.

1. Intro. By Pete Seeger - Big River
2. Folsom Prison Blues
3. I Still Miss Someone.
4. Rock Island Line
5. Dont Think Twice Its Alright
6. I Walk The Line
7. The Ballad Of Ira Hayes
8. Keep On The Sunny Side

Johnny Cash - Sun Demos & Outtakes

The gift of Johnny's great music continues unabated, eh? Had these for a while but don't recall their point of origin - so I automatically give thanks and praise to SFRP and Mokey Island becasue they are the best. Johnny's period of work at Sun Records stands out for me as the most enjoyable and inspired work of his long career. To be able to hear outtakes fromt hose days is a rare treat indeed - go forth and listen and share!

01 Wide open road
02 Rock & roll baby
03 You're my baby
04 Get rhythm
05 I walk the line
06 Train of love
07 One more ride
08 Folsom prison blues
09 Wide open road
10 Goodnight irene
11 My treasure
12 I love you because
13 Leave that junk
14 Country boy
15 Come in stranger
16 Oh lonesome me
17 You're the nearest thing to heaven
18 Don't make me go
19 Give my love to rose
20 The ways of a woman in love
21 Thanks a lot
22 Fools hall of fame
23 I just thought you'd like to know
24 I forgot to remember to forget
25 Always alone
26 The story of a broken heart

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Firehose/Minutemen Continued

With all due respect to the turd who wrote me to stick to outtakes and demos, I feel these bands need to be heard from and not much exists in the way of their rarities. I am hoping a few of you will go scour some used record stores and find yourselves some copies of these goodies at a less exorbitant amount than stores usually charge (and which artists see about 15 cents of...). Beginning with 'fromohio' , which shines with tracks like Mike Watt raging full on in 'What Gets Heard', interesting sounds from songs like 'Understanding' and you gotta love 'Riddle of the 80's'. If you enjoy yourself a dose of great Hurley and Watt sounds than you will not be disappointed.

Firehose - Fromohio

1. Riddle Of The Eighties
2. In My Mind
3. Whisperin' While Hollerin'
4. Vastopol
5. Mas Cojones
6. What Gets Heard
7. Let The Drummer Have Some
8. Liberty For Our Friend
9. Time With You
10. If'n
11. Some Things
12. Understanding
13. 'Nuf That Shit, George
14. The Softest Hammer

Firehose - Mr. Machinery Operator

This one was not treated too fairly upon arrival but has since been given the stamp of approval from everyone who's opinion I respect. The lovely "cooler-than-thou, I-was-there-way-back-when" eliticism that just kills punk rock was prevalent then with nearly all saying that it couldn't compare to the Minutemen and their glory days. Whatever, no shortage of dumbasses in the music press and music world in general. Especially awesome are 'Number 7' and 'Hell-Hole', although it's all worth the listen. Enjoy children!

1 Formal Introduction (3:40)
2 Blaze (3:35)
3 Herded into Pools (4:25)
4 Witness (5:35)
5 Number Seven (1:16)
6 Powerful Hankerin' (3:31)
7 Rocket Sled/Fuel Tank (3:29)
8 Quicksand (3:15)
9 Disciples of the 3-Way (2:55)
10 More Famous Quotes (1:28)
11 Sincerely (3:23)
12 Hell Hole (3:43)
13 4.29.92 (2:07)
14 Cliffs Thrown Down (3:12)

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Another brave 'Anonymous' soul is heard from...

"Anonymous has left a new comment on your post " Funkadlelic - Hardcore Jollies (1976) Conti...":

In your own words : "Support musicians especially the good ones-they're usually the poor ones"

I would like to know how your giving away entire albums free is supporting said musicians. Seems like you're actually taking money away from them.
If someone can download a free album they are not going to go out and buy it. There goes the artist's income..
Musicians have spent a lot of money getting this stuff down and out to the public, and people like you, "Daddy", feel somehow righteous in giving it away for nothing.
Maybe if you worship George Clinton so much, you could send a him a cheque every so often. At least let him know that you have taken it upon yourself to distribute his music like a free pamphlet. See what he says about it.
If an artist chooses to give away some of their music, that's THEIR right and their right only. Not yours. Let the public go out and buy the good stuff.
Is it any wonder the "good ones" are the poor ones?
You ain't helping the situation any.
Stick to the out-take albums and leave the available released albums alone, so musicians can actually get supported a little. "

I have no reason to justify myself to this turd, but a lot of my money had gone to Mr. Clinton.

I grow weary of these on a regular basis.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Stone Roses - Garage Flower (Demos)

We all know how DaddyRich gets when speaking about the Stone Roses and what they could have become....sigh. So I will be brief before I become overcome with emotion. I am the happy owner of many of their albums and bootlegs and this is an essential part of any collection, in my estimation. I always enjoy hearing the beginnings of a great band and spotting parts where the genius truly shines through and it's evident in so many spots here. Also, as previously stated - I do have many bootlegs and have a question for any of the other Roses fans out there: Do they all sound so crappy? Are any of them soundboard recordings that are worth the while? I don't even listen to mine after first getting them, they sound so horrid. I would love a truly great-sounding show (a la The Smths 'Rank') that I could suitably overplay and adore. Let an old man know...

"In the wake of The Stone Roses success in 1989/1990, the market was flooded with bootlegs proclaiming to be their 'lost' debut album. In fact, they were lifted from demo tapes that had circulated around Manchester between 1985 and 1988.

Musically these early sessions were generally quite rough - although there were some fascinating works-in-progress and numerous songs which never saw the light of day. Most stemmed from the Stone Roses' first proper stint in the studio. This album's worth of material was taped after the group signed to Thin Line Records in 1985, a label created by their then manager Howard Jones. Thin Line drafted in the city's leading producer Martin Hannett, to oversee the sessions at the local Strawberry Studios. But the band and label famously fell out and the sole product of Hannett's work with the band was the debut single, "So Young/Tell Me".

In 1996 Garage Flower Records issued the majority of the Hannett sessions under the title of "Garage Flower". Rumours suggested that Silvertone had inherited these tapes (they were published by Zomba, Silvertone's parent company) and decided to issue them in the wake of the court case and the band's acrimonious departure to Geffen in 1992.

Dismissed by the Stone Roses as nothing more than a bootleg, the release is still a vital piece in the band's early history.

The Garage Flower release finally saw the majority of the Roses demos and out-takes see the light of day but there is still a few rarities to be issued commercially."

1. Getting Plenty
2. Here Is Comes
3. Trust A Fox
4. Tradjic Roundabout
5. All I Want
6. Heart On The Staves
7. I Wanna Be Adored
8. This Is The One
9. Fall
10. So Young
11. Tell Me
12. Haddock
13. Just A Little Bit
14. Mission Impossible

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Bauhaus - Ziggy Stardust 12" Single

Just a little goody thrown in here for all you good children. One can never tire of either Mr. Bowie or Bauhaus, right? Of course I am right. Daddy is always right. This cover of the classic Bowie song was so well-crafted that my wife, a life-long Bowie fan but not alternative music-minded (go figure) didn't even know that it wasn't him. She has since learned to loathe Bauhaus, and about 99.9% of everything else I love to listen to. It's a good thing our love is stronger than conflicting musical tastes, eh? Only 3 songs on here so it's a quick listen, but eminently enjoyable. Also, only the nerdiest of us Bowie fanatics will get the allusion on the cover, but I do love it.

1. Ziggy Startdust
2. Third Uncle
3. Waiting For The Man (With Nico on vocals)

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Devo - Live! (1980)

Been a while since any Devo was posted and this one is a good one. I haven't quite been able to figure out if this is part of the "Live! 1980" DVD concert yet. Once I get it, I will be able to tell you for sure, it sure does seem like half a show, but great nonetheless. Absolutley at the top of their form (not to take anything away from their recent gigs) they rip through some classics here that will have any child of the 1980's become lost in reminiscence. More to come as soon as I get off my butt to go and get them. Enjoy!

1. Freedom Of Choice Theme Song
2. Whip It
3. Girl U Want
4. Gates Of Steel
5. Be Stiff
6. Planet Earth
7. Social Fools
8. Penetration In The Centrefold
9. Soo Bawiz

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Johnny Cash - Murder

A great compilation of classic Cash bad-guy songs. I have been ignoring my Johnny Cash collection as of late and hope to remedy this in the coming months.

"The legendary Johnny Cash experienced something of a renaissance in the 1990s, fanned by a trilogy of theme collections of his past work: LOVE, GOD, and MURDER. In MURDER he explores the dark side of humanity, singing of those who, because of love, greed, anger or circumstance, commit that most irrevocable deed. Cash doesn't romanticize crime and criminals; he simply sings about their lives and stories. Nor does he moralize. Cash becomes the conduit for pieces of sad and unfortunate history. "Mister Garfield" recounts a Presidential assassination, while Bruce Springsteen's "Highway Patrolman" is a disquieting tale of two brothers on opposite sides of the law. "Joe Bean" is a tale of a murderer being executed for a killing he didn't do (with a darkly humorous ending that Rod Serling and the Crypt-Keeper from TALES FROM THE CRYPT would likely smile upon). Cash's baritone is deep and dark as the dirt from six feet down, reflecting his characters' pride, shame and anguish."

Also read the great liner notes on the inside by Johnny himself.

1. Folsom Prison Blues - (mono)
2. Delia's Gone - (mono)
3. Mister Garfield
4. Orleans Parish Prison - (live)
5. When It's Springtime In Alaska (It's Forty Below) - (mono)
6. Sound Of Laughter, The
7. Cocaine Blues - (live)
8. Hardin Wouldn't Run - (mono)
9. Long Black Veil, The
10. Austin Prison
11. Joe Bean
12. Going To Memphis
13. Don't Take Your Guns To Town
14. Highway Patrolman
15. Jacob Green
16. The Wall

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Trashcan Sinatras - Live at The Casbah in San Diego May 14, 2005

We already know of DaddyRich's craziness for the Trashcans, so no more elaboration is needed. Most bands on blogs I couldn't give a toss about them and thier royalty rates, blah blah blah. These guys, though..... much different story. Some of the most amazing and enjoyable music I have ever heard came from this band and I never cease to do what I can to support and promote them. They genuinely deserve all the good that comes their way in my humble opinion. This wonderful set of songs, performed just down the road a bit in beautiful, sunny San Diego (DaddyRich wil be out there in July (Again) for Comic-Con!!!) is another stellar performance. Because the quality of talent and performance are so high, every show is like a greatest-hits tour. Enough of my ramblings... listen and love. Then - go buy their stuff. I have bought many of their items and encourage all to do the same. Listen close for DaddyRich's favorites like 'How Can I Apply...?' and 'Obscurity Knocks'.

01 - got carried away
02 - how can i apply...?
03 - all the dark horses
04 - hayfever
05 - hammertime
06 - easy read > Freetime
07 - a coda
08 - prisons
09 - thegenius i was
10 - send for henny
11 - the safecracker
12 - obscurity knocks
13 - trouble sleeping
14 - i've seen everything
15 - weightlifting
16 - i'm immortal
17 - only tongue can tell
18 - one at a time

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Think they would appreciate this one-

Marvin Gaye - A Tribute To The Great Nat 'King' Cole

What discerning fan of great music could look at a title like that and not stop to listen to the music? Two of the shining lights of modern song, and bright stars in DaddyRich's firmament, I just had to give it a whirl. It's Nat's songs covered by Marvin, and although I usually feel like the classics should almost never be messed with... it IS Marvin, after all. Somehow this one got buried in the mid 1960's without much notice, but we know all about music critics, don't we? This exampe of early Marvin isn't what fans of his later output might rally dig but let's not be too concerned about them. This was well before 'What's Going On' and 'Sexual Healing', Marvin was much more fo a crooner in these times. Either way, I love Nat and believe no one but Marvin should attempt something like this and he succeeded beatifully.

1. Nature Boy
2. Ramblin' Rose
3. Too Young
4. Pretend
5. Straighten Up And Fly Right
6. Mona Lisa
7. Unforgettable
8. To The Ends Of The Earth
9. Sweet Lorraine
10. It's Only A Paper Moon
11. Send For Me
12. Calypso Rose

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Friday, May 04, 2007

David Bowie - Vampires Of Human Flesh (Scary Monsters Outtakes)

Yet another Bowie, for my good friends here. This particular gem is one the rarest of beasts - a great sounding outtakes session of late 70's David Bowie. If you wanted I could innundate you with some crap-sounding sessions but my standards prevent me from doing so. And of course, the search is always ongoing for great sounding sessions from the man. So, I continue to dig deep into the Bowie archives and plan on seeding a few throughout our time here together. Hope you all enjoy and keep your eyes and ears open for much more. At the bottom of this post is an excellent insert which explains in detail the sessions and songs. Did you know that 'Scary Monsters' was a song he had written with the thought of offering it to Johnny Cash? How interesting would that have been?

1 Scream Like a Baby 3:21
2 Because You're Young 4:54
3 Kingdom Come 4:00
4 Up the Hill Backwards 3:23
5 It's no Game 3:55
6 Is There Life After Marriage 4:38
7 Up the Hill Backwards 3:18
8 Teenage Wildlife 7:10
9 Kingdom Come 3:58
10 Scary Monsters 5:11

Minutemen - A Mini-Extravaganza!

Since so many kind friends of the Ape wrote to me and requested more from the thrash/punk/jazz/jam/genius of Minutemen/Firehose, I simply could not refuse them. You all know DaddyRich is a push-over, just ask my sons. I will be posting some more fromt heir wonderful catalog as time passes and hope the new fans will enjoy this taste of their work and some older fans get to reminisce in sweet memories....

Minutemen - Buzz Or Howl Under The Influence Of Heat

1. Self-Referenced
2. Cut
3. Dream Told By Moto
4. Dreams Are Free, Motherfucker! - (live)
5. Toe Jam, The - (live)
6. I Felt Like A Gringo
7. Product, The - (live)
8. Little Man With A Gun In His Hand
9. (untitled) - (hidden track)

Minutemen - Paranoid Time

1. Validation
2. Maze, The
3. Definitions
4. Sickles And Hammers
5. Fascist
6. Joe McCarthy's Ghost
7. Paranoid Chant

Minutemen - What Makes A Man Start Fires?

1. Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs
2. One Chapter In The Book
3. Fake Contest
4. Beacon Sighted Through Fog
5. Mutiny In Jonestown
6. East Wind / Faith
7. Pure Joy
8. '99
9. Anchor, The
10. Sell Or Be Sold
11. Only Minority, The
12. Split Red
13. Colors
14. Plight
15. Tin Roof, The
16. Life As A Rehearsal
17. This Road
18. Polarity

This is the first of many Minutemen/Firehose posts to come in the future - hope you all enjoy. Please buy if you dig it, they deserve the bread.

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